terrorist tycoon’s wives are loyal to their husbands.

some silently manage the housework, and some want to avenge their husbands.

as the saying goes: “behind every successful man, there is a woman.” This sentence is also applicable to international terrorist tycoons. What are the women behind Osama bin Laden, Zawahri and Zarqawi, the top three international terrorists? How is their relationship with their husbands? What kind of life do you live now?

bin Laden’s wife, three of whom are university lecturers,

“bin Laden, the number one leader of Al Qaeda, has four wives. His wife, najiva Ghanim, came from a village in Syria, bin Laden’s mother’s hometown. She was a cousin of bin Laden. Since she married bin Laden at the age of 14, najiwa has lived with her husband for more than 30 years and has 11 children. Bin Laden’s sister-in-law once described najiwa as gentle and “always pregnant”.

now, najiwa and his fourth son Omar live in the Gulf state of Qatar. Recently, they jointly published a book called the growth history of bin Laden, which revealed a lot about bin Laden. Najiwa said in the book that bin Laden was sensitive and shy when he was young, and blushed when he saw women. The way he “courted” najiwa was to “leave the best grapes in the backyard to her”. Najiva also revealed that their marriage was not perfect, and najiva was allowed to leave home only when visiting relatives. In daily life, bin Laden banned the use of televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and other electrical appliances at home. Moreover, Osama bin Laden was always cruel to the children, and sometimes even let the children lie on the concrete floor for the night. However, bin Laden loves gardening and always spends a long time in the garden. “He hopes he can grow the largest corn and the best sunflowers in the world”.

in addition to his wife, bin Laden has three other wives, two of whom are Saudi and one is Yemeni. According to Western media reports, the three are university lecturers.

during bin Laden’s life in Sudan in the mid-1990s, he had a close relationship with the actual Sudanese leader tulabi at that time. “We went to bin Laden’s house and saw one of his wives, um Ali. Um Ali was a capable university lecturer, very knowledgeable and beautiful. Besides his wife, bin Laden’s three wives were old virgins,” tulabi’s wife wishar tulabi recalled later In this regard, some media explained that bin Laden was keen to marry an old maid because he believed that if he married an old maid before his death, he could get more rewards after his death. Before




and “9 / 11”, one of bin Laden’s wives and some children mysteriously disappeared from Afghanistan. In the past eight years, there have been different opinions about their whereabouts. It was reported that some of bin Laden’s children were killed in the air raid, and others said that his children were also planning terrorist attacks. The British Times reported that they currently live in Iran.

reported that in November 2009, Osama bin Laden’s “fourth son” Omar suddenly received a call from a young woman. “Brother, I’m Iman!” Listening to the familiar voice on the other end of the phone, Omar was very excited. One of bin Laden’s missing children. Iman told her brother on the phone that she was with bin Laden’s 1 wife, 6 children and 11 grandchildren. In 2001, bin Laden’s wife took her family all the way from Afghanistan to Iran. Now, they live in a villa on the outskirts of the Iranian capital Tehran, which is heavily guarded and guarded by armed guards 24 hours a day. Bin Laden’s wife is responsible for cooking and sweeping the floor every day. In addition, she watches TV, browses books and casually turns through magazines to pass the time.

Zawahiri’s wife called on “Jihad”

“Al Qaeda’s No. 2 figure and Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man Zawahiri’s wife, wumam Hassan, who was not well-known in the past, is now on fire and seems to have become a figure reported by celebrities and world media. A few days ago, she suddenly jumped from the backstage to the front line and asked the sisters in the Islamic world to bravely participate in the “Jihad”, drive away the American soldiers and return the Islamic world to a “clear sky”.

on December 17, 2009, wumam Hassan published a statement on the Internet, emphasizing that “Jihad” is an “unshirkable obligation” of Islam and the Arab world, a “unshirkable responsibility” of true Muslims, a “commendable noble act” and a synonym for “courage and justice”. She called on Muslim women to help al Qaeda militants complete their suicide attacks. In the statement, wumaim wrote: “fighting is not an easy thing for our female sisters, because women need the protection of men. But the sisters in Palestine, Iraq and Chechnya have completed many suicides, which cost the enemy a high price. We ask Allah to accept them and connect them with us.”

according to the analysis of Western media, wumaim should be Zawahri’s third wife. Zawahri was a wealthy surgeon in Egypt. At that time, he also had a wife named aza Novell. Aza’s parents are lawyers and he has a good education. According to the intelligence held by the U.S. military, several children of AZA and Zawahri were killed in the U.S. bombing in the Afghan war in 2001. In October 2005, Zawahri confirmed the news that his wife and daughter were killed in the bombing. At that time, the U.S. military in Iraq intercepted a long letter from Zawahri to zakawi, the third senior of the “base”. In the 13 page letter, Zawahri mentioned that in an American attack, the concrete roof of his house fell off and hit his beloved wife, and his daughter died of cerebral hemorrhage. Zawahri also wrote: “until now, I don’t know where to bury my wife and daughter.”

Zawahiri’s second wife is a Pashtun, isZawahri married in the Pashtun tribal settlement of Pakistan. Speaking of it, the Pashtun wife is also Zawahri’s “life-saving benefactor”. Once, the United States received accurate information: Zawahri was invited to a village of the Pashtun tribe for a dinner. As a result, as Zawahri suddenly wanted to meet his wife, he finally went to the dinner late and missed the start time of the dinner. When he arrived at the banquet site, it had just been bombed and turned into ruins and rubble. Zawahri narrowly escaped.

Zarqawi’s wife wants to avenge her husband.

Zarqawi is the third leader of Al Qaeda. He has two wives, both of whom were married in Jordan. In 1999, Zarqawi left Jordan for “Jihad” in Afghanistan and took a wife with him. Another wife, um Mohammed, stayed in Jordan to take care of the children.

um is an extremely devout Muslim. She and Zarqawi were born in a slum in the small Jordanian city of Zarka and can basically be called “baby relatives”. In those days, Zarqawi was so poor that he could be said to have no family. There were no other furniture in the three huts except a few mattresses and simple blankets. Zachavillo felt guilty that um had not been able to live a good life since he married him. After Zarqawi started his “Jihad” career in Afghanistan, um ran the housework alone, not only raising four young children, but also taking care of Zarqawi’s elderly parents, becoming the “pillar” of the whole family.

it is reported that um always wears a veil and thick traditional Muslim clothes. She obeys her husband’s words and never goes against his wishes. A reporter once visited her home and was surprised to see that there was no TV at home. Um replied, “my husband thought that after watching TV, the children would indulge in TV programs, so I didn’t buy TV.” For the reported atrocities of Zarqawi in Iraq, um didn’t believe: “it’s impossible! I know my husband. Although I haven’t seen him since 1999, he can never become an abominable terrorist. He is a kind and friendly man and can’t cruelly kill innocent children, women and the elderly.”

in November 2005, Zarqawi was killed by the US Army. Um issued a statement on an Arab website, mourning her husband and vowed to avenge her husband. Um once told the Italian “Republic” that it was the Iraqi anti American forces, the leaders of Al Qaeda and the US intelligence agencies that killed Zarqawi. “They reached a secret agreement. In return, the Americans agreed to suspend the search for Osama bin Laden.” Um said that the Sunni tribe responsible for protecting Zarqawi reached an agreement with others, and the Jordanian agents coordinated in the middle. “My husband is too strong, which makes some people uneasy and kills him.”




some of the wives of these terrorist tycoons are participants in “Jihad” and some are just ordinary people. However, because of their husbands, they cannot enjoy normal family life. While terrorists hurt other people’s families, they have not been able to escape the end of separation. (according to global network)