little albarelli said that from 1953 to 1965, in order to develop psychedelic drugs into an “offensive weapon”, the CIA not only experimented with foreign villagers, but even took 5700 American soldiers who were unaware of it as “experimental rats”.

the British media reported on the 12th that on August 16, 1951, hundreds of villagers in a small village in southeastern France collectively developed symptoms of headache, vomiting and insanity overnight. The incident resulted in at least five deaths and dozens of people were locked up in mental hospitals. At that time, the police and scientists believed that the “culprit” of the incident was likely to be a local baker. His bread may have been unknowingly contaminated by a kind of ergot that is easy to cause hallucinations, and then eaten by the villagers. This incident is therefore called the “evil bread” incident. The reason why they were infected with psychedelic drugs in the United States was not that they were infected with psychedelic drugs, but that they were infected with psychedelic drugs in the United States.

villagers in the small French village “collective madness”

in the 1950s, the village of Pont Saint esprey in southeastern France was originally a picturesque small village. However, on August 16, 1951, a nightmare of bad luck suddenly fell on more than 300 villagers in the village. Overnight, hundreds of villagers in the village suddenly developed symptoms of headache, vomiting and insanity.

a crazy villager jumped into the river and tried to drown himself. He screamed that a group of snakes were eating his stomach; An 11 year old boy regarded his grandmother as a devil and tried to strangle his grandmother with his hand; After a villager shouted “I’m a plane”, he jumped down from the second floor window. After he broke his legs, he got up and continued walking for 50 meters. Another crazy villager said he saw his heart “escape” from his heel and begged the doctor to put his heart back into his body. Many others said they saw flying dragons and monsters spitting fire.

the strange incident of collective “insanity” of many villagers in French villages shocked the world at that time. Time magazine wrote at that time: “some villagers smashed their beds crazily, screaming that red flowers were growing in their bodies, and some villagers said that their brains had become molten lead.” This unimaginable “collective madness” finally led to the death of at least five people and the detention of at least dozens of villagers in mental hospitals.

local police and scientists immediately launched an investigation. Finally, some scientists believe that the “culprit” leading to the collective madness of villagers may be a local baker with booming business. Scientists suspect that the flour he used to bake stick bread may have been unknowingly contaminated by a hallucinogenic ergot fungus, which led to the insanity symptoms of most villagers who ate the bread in the bakery. This incident is also known as the “evil bread” incident.

there is another theory that these bread may have been poisoned by a poison called “organic mercury”. Whatever the reason, the villagers’ collective madness is related to the baker’s bread.

blame the CIA’s “psychedelic drug experiment”

however, a few days ago, nearly 60 years after the “evil bread” incident, In his new book “a terrible mistake: Frank Olsen’s murder and the CIA’s secret Cold War experiment”, American investigative journalist HP albarelli Jr. revealed a surprising Insider: the collective insanity of the villagers in France was not caused by eating moldy bread, But because the CIA conducted a top secret brain control experiment on them with “psychedelic drugs”.

it is reported that albarelli, Jr. accidentally discovered the truth when investigating the sudden “suicide” and violent death of Frank Olsen, a biochemist of the U.S. Army Special Operations Division in 1953 and consulting CIA documents.

little albarelli said that after the “collective madness” incident in a small French village, the scientists investigating the case and proposing the “evil bread” theory were working for the famous Swiss Sandoz pharmaceutical company, which had been secretly providing experimental “psychedelic drugs” for the CIA and the US Army at that time. A CIA document found by albarelli Jr. showed that a CIA agent and a staff of Sandoz pharmaceutical company mentioned “the secret of the village of ponsan esprey” in the conversation. The CIA document said that the strange thing happened in France was not caused by mold, but by a psychedelic drug called diethylamine.

5700 US troops also became “experimental rats”

. Albarelli, Jr. also interviewed two former colleagues of Olsen. They both said that the collective madness in France was the result of the secret “brain control experiment” conducted by the CIA and the US Army on those villagers. After the outbreak of the Korean War, the U.S. military and the CIA launched a large-scale research program on “mind control”, while the villagers in the village of pun Saint esprey in France became “experimental rats”. CIA agents sprayed diethylamine psychedelic drugs into the local air and secretly polluted some local food with psychedelic agents.

little albarelli said that his most important evidence came from a government document sent by the White House to committee members in 1975. Its main content was to investigate the abuse and abuse of power of the CIA. The document contained the names of some French who were secret employees of the CIA, The document also directly refers to the “incident in the village of pun San espri”. Albarelli Jr. said that from 1953 to 1965, in order to develop psychedelic drugs into an “offensive weapon”, the CIA not only tested foreign villagers, but even 5700 unwitting US soldiers as “experimental rats”. “