and “World War I” must be unprecedented in the history of human war in terms of scale, and many countries have been involved.

Men bleed on the battlefield and women cry at home.

The worst battle in World War I was the battle of Verdun.

In early 1916, in order to force France to surrender, Germany left a small number of troops in the Eastern Line for defense, and transferred the main force to the western line to attack the “Verdun protrusion” supported by the French right-wing forces.

The operation, known as the “place of execution”, captures France’s unwillingness to give up Verdun, an important military place.

At that time, France will certainly invest all its troops there.

As soon as the French troops arrive, they will take the opportunity to annihilate them, so that France will collapse militarily and force it to surrender.

This is the German strategy.

Fargenhan, the German chief of general staff, shouted publicly: “let France bleed out!” The fortification area of Verdun fortress is 112 kilometers wide on the front, which is mainly composed of four defensive positions, while the fourth defensive position composed of the standing fortifications of Verdun fortress and two fortress areas is extremely solid.

At that time, there were four divisions and 100000 troops stationed here.

In this way, Xia Fei, commander-in-chief of the French army, who was busy preparing for the Somme River battle, was relieved.

In fact, it was mainly because Verdun fortress was more than 200 kilometers away from Paris and he had no time to take care of it.

On the German side, fargenhan ordered to concentrate the artillery of Russia, the Balkan front line and Krupp Arsenal on the Verdun front line, because they wanted to overwhelm each other in the number and strength of their troops.

On the 10 kilometer long front, nearly 1000 cannons are lined up, more than 5000 mine throwers are equipped in the forward position, and the offensive force of 10 divisions and 270000 people is almost three times that of the French army defending Verdun.

With all the arrangements in place, the German army finally fired its first shot towards Verdun on the morning of February 21.

With a series of flashing flares exploding at high altitude, nearly a thousand cannons roared together, and the overwhelming shells poured into Verdun’s defensive position in an instant.

The firing speed of 100000 rounds per hour turned the French position into a sea of fire in an instant.

Then, it was the turn of 13 16.

5-inch siege howitzers to “come on the stage”.

Heavy shells aimed at the fourth fortification on Verdun fortress.

The mine throwers containing more than 100 pounds of high explosives and metal fragments turned the whole section of the French fortification into a flat ground, with deafening explosions one after another.

Twelve hours had passed before we knew it.

After several violent bombings, fargenhan, the chief of general staff of Germany, ordered to use a 5.

2-inch small caliber high-speed gun to shoot at the French army running and shouting.

He also fired shotguns at the speed of rifle bullets, and turned the front position of the French army into a sea of fire with flamethrowers.

The French troops stationed in Verdun suffered heavy losses after wave after wave of German attacks.

After repeated bombing and strafing by the German army, the forests around Verdun fortress were burned down, the mountains were flattened, the trenches in its narrow triangle were completely destroyed, and there was thick smoke over the battlefield.

As the fortifications were destroyed, many French troops were exposed.

As soon as the artillery fire stopped here, there were bursts of Shouts.

At the command of fargenhan, six German infantry divisions swarmed up and launched an impact on the French army on the 10 kilometer long front.

The French soldiers who had just experienced shelling did not flinch.

They fought back tenaciously with the remaining fortifications.

Many officers took the lead and rushed out of the trenches to fight the enemy.

The French army with high fighting spirit still pressed back the German charge again and again when it was at a disadvantage.

After two days and nights of fierce fighting, the French army was outnumbered and captured more than 10000 people by the German army, and the front field defense positions were basically occupied by the German army.

The news of Verdun’s defeat soon spread back to the French general command.

This surprised the commander-in-chief of Xiafei.

He immediately sent the chief of staff to Verdun and insisted on defending the position at all costs.

Subsequently, Xiafei appointed general bedang as the commander of Verdun area, and gathered troops to be ready to support at any time.

Soon, bedang came to Verdun and hurriedly inspected the whole defense system.

Beidang looked at the front position full of corpses and felt that the situation was critical.

Verdun was in danger of being surrounded at any time.

General bedang’s concerns were soon verified, and the latest news came back from the front line: Dumu fort in the Northeast fortress was occupied by the German army.

It was a blow to the head.

There was a light infantry division on the fort, but it could not withstand the indiscriminate bombing of 120000 German shells.

The German army easily occupied the fort with only a patrol of nine people, and all the French soldiers on the fort were killed.

The situation was getting worse and worse.

General bedang made a quick decision and immediately delimited a supervision front on the front line, ordered the soldiers to resist the German attack, and also ordered: whoever dares to retreat across this line will be killed! After the demarcation of the war supervision line, general bedang immediately held a front-line military conference, which mainly discussed how to ensure the rapid arrival of rear reinforcements and arms and materials.

General bedang summarized the current war situation and the latest news from commander Xiafei.

“Because the current situation is very dangerous, I have contacted commander Xiafei and asked him to send a large force to support.

Commander Xiafei will mobilize 200000 people and more than 20000 tons of arms and materials in the shortest time, because the only way to ensure that Verdun will not fall into the hands of the German army.

What we want to discuss now is to see which traffic line can complete so many people and materials Transportation of capital.

” After listening to general bedang’s words, a commander in charge of logistics frowned and said, “now, except for the balduk Verdun highway leading to the southwest, everything else has been cut off by the Germans.

” “How wide is the road?” General bedang asked quickly.

“Six meters.

” “How about the road? Can it withstand the passage of a large number of trucks?” “The road is not very good.

It depends on how many vehicles pass.

” After hearing this, general bedang quickly calculated, and then said, “with so many troops and arms and materials, how can it take 6000 cars to drive day and night.

” The commanders gasped and looked at each other without saying a word.

The commander in charge of logistics immediately said, “I’m afraid not! If notIf it is repaired, so many cars will cause a lot of accidents.

” After hearing this, general bedang immediately issued an order: “immediately organize a repair team, gather civilians along the way, pave and broaden the road surface, and ensure the safe passage of vehicles.

Verdun’s gains and losses are in one fell swoop! Everyone, hurry up!” Another major battle in the battle of Somme river is the battle of Somme river.

In June 1916, in order to contain the German army and reduce the pressure on Verdun, the British and French allied forces launched an offensive against the German army on the Somme river.

The British and French allied forces poured 1.

5 million shells into the German positions in seven days, and then attacked quickly.

The Germans left 60000 bodies and retreated hastily.

The battle ended at the end of 1916.

More than 700000 British and French troops were killed and injured, and more than 500000 German troops were killed and injured.

The commander in charge of logistics was appointed by general bedang as the leader of the emergency repair team to urge the construction of roads.

General bedang also ordered to ensure that it will be open to traffic from the 27th.

Two days later, the road repair was completed, and the 6000 vehicles gathered by commander Xiafei passed through the road smoothly, continuously transporting 200000 reinforcements and more than 20000 tons of arms and materials to Verdun fortress.

The smooth arrival of reinforcements and arms and materials depends on this road.

Its excellent “performance” has also been affirmed by the French people.

It is called the “holy road” by the French people.

The timely arrival of reinforcements made the French army gradually balance with Germany in military strength.

It was not easy for the German army to confront each other soon.

In a short week, the French army sent so many reinforcements, which fargenhan didn’t expect.

However, after the shock, fargenhan showed a smiling face.

The current situation is the same as what he estimated in advance.

Indeed, the French army sent almost all its troops.

In this way, he claimed fargenham’s meaning.

He declared: “well, I want the French to drain their blood here!” Fargenhan immediately ordered the army to rest and rearrange, which indicated that a larger scale battle was about to begin.

Fargenhan made an emergency deployment, and general bedang was unwilling to show weakness.

The arrival of reinforcements greatly boosted the morale of the French army.

While making tense deployment, general bedang ordered the support forces to go to the front line immediately, repair the trenches, place artillery and prepare to fight with the German army to the end.

Both sides were well deployed, and large-scale fighting began on March 5.

Falgenhan led the German infantry to attack Verdun under the cover of heavy artillery fire.

General bedang waved his flag and ordered all the French artillery to fire at the German army.

The powerful firepower of the French army caused heavy casualties to the German army, and they were forced back.

Seeing this, fargenhan decided to concentrate his forces and attack the left bank of the Maas river.

He ordered the German army to stop fighting completely and change from a rapid impact to a steady attack.

Even if the German army pushed forward for less than two kilometers.

In April, after 70 days and nights of hard work, the German army still failed to break through the French defense line.

In July, due to the round-trip tug of war between the two sides, both sides suffered heavy casualties and were still in a stalemate.

The two armies were still facing each other.

On October 24, the French army suddenly launched a fierce attack.

The unprepared German army lost its fort, and the retreating German army withdrew from the Verdun battlefield under the leadership of fargenhan.

In the unprecedented Verdun war, because the German and French armies invested a total of more than 100 divisions and the number of casualties reached more than 700000, it was called “Verdun meat grinder”.

The war was over, and as fargenham wished, the blood of the French was exhausted, but there was little blood left of the Germans.

[cool review] since written records, human beings have been fighting on the battlefield all the time, which leads to rivers of blood and white bones everywhere.

Those conquerors who are praised by us, such as, have other people’s blood in every pore.

They stand high and enjoy a good reputation in the world, but there are tens of thousands of wronged ghosts calling on the battlefield.

If you succeed, your bones will wither.

Even if the war is magnificent, it will never be beautiful, because it goes against the basic human nature and morality.

History is a thing of the past, but the war is not over.

Those with gunpowder smoke are battlefields, while those without gunpowder smoke are shopping malls.

People who work hard in society today should understand this truth: try not to resort to force for things that can be solved peacefully.

In case of conflict, we should keep our moral bottom line and not violate the basic morality.