also drank a lot when it was pulled down from the table. He went to golovanov and said, “what are you doing looking at me like this? Don’t be afraid, I won’t drink all Russia, and he will turn around me tomorrow, like crucian carp on a hot pot.”

for Soviet diplomats, like intelligence agents, drinking well and not getting out of control were regarded as extremely important qualities. In the process of drinking, make the other party relax their vigilance, so as to achieve the predetermined goal of solving some major international problems.




and “vodka diplomacy” began in Stalin’s period, and drinking wine did not distinguish between friends and enemies. The purpose of filling friends is to test their attitude towards themselves and their views on issues of interest, while filling enemies is to trap them into moral and political traps.

zedenbar poured wine for Stalin

Soviet diplomacy strictly divided foreign leaders into “their own” and “outsiders”. Before World War II, Mongolian leaders were undoubtedly the “own people” of the Soviet Union. They could enjoy the highest reception and communicate like family members.




yumujia zedenbar, who has been the leader of Mongolia for more than 30 years, has talked about his acquaintance with Stalin and his comrades in arms in 1940.

zedenbar, who was only 24 at that time, accompanied the then Mongolian leader marshal chobashan to meet Stalin. After the official meeting, the guests were invited to a small dinner. Only marshal chobashan and zedenbar were represented by Mongolia, while Stalin, Molotov and belia were represented by the Soviet Union. At the beginning of the dinner, Stalin said, “Comrade choba Shan, we all know very well and are tested friends. Zedenbar is a newcomer. Let’s see how he behaves. I suggest that he pour us wine in the way he thinks fit.”

at that time, the table was full of all kinds of wine: brandy, wine, vodka, etc., as well as tall glasses of different sizes. After a little thought, zedenbar chose Georgian brandy and poured five cups full to present to all of you. Stalin praised: “good job, comrade zedenbar, a true and loyal friend. Lavlianji (Beria’s name), be careful and don’t touch him.”

according to zedenbar, there has never been a problem between him and belia.

Molotov, a former chairman of the Soviet people’s Committee and member of the people’s Committee for foreign affairs, recalled the incident: “Qiaoba mountain has little culture, but it is very loyal to the Soviet Union. After Qiaoba mountain died in 1952, the Soviet Union decided to appoint zedenbar as the leader of Mongolia because he is very friendly to the Soviet Union.”

Churchill was pulled down from the table.

drinking with Stalin was not an easy thing. He not only drank a lot, but also was good at arousing each other’s drinking interest.

Soviet Air Force Commander golovanov, who once attended the “senior reception” of the heads of anti fascist allies, recalled: “there were several people sitting at the table and toasting one after another. I looked at Stalin uneasily because Churchill, a famous drunkard, was fighting with Stalin.” Churchill drank a lot of “spekds” and “spkds” from the table. He went to golovanov and said, “what are you doing looking at me like this? Don’t be afraid, I won’t drink all Russia, and he will turn around me tomorrow, like crucian carp on a hot pot.”

Molotov said: “such a thing is meaningful in diplomacy, and Stalin will not turn a blind eye…” he also recalled that later Churchill personally entertained him in London: “drank one cup after another… Talked all night.”

are the few people who have not been drunk by Soviet diplomats and political leaders. First, Hitler was not lucky enough to come to the Kremlin, and second, Hitler himself didn’t drink much.

liptman withstood many tests.

diplomatic activities generally have the tradition of moderate drinking, which was not only popular in the Stalin period, but also “cared” by the personnel of the Ministry of foreign affairs, not only diplomats, but also foreign journalists.

in the early 1960s, the famous American journalist liptman visited Khrushchev who was on vacation at the national residence of piconda. Within three hours after his arrival, the famous man on the other side of the ocean attended two banquets and fully felt the hospitality and wine of Caucasians. After arriving at Khrushchev’s villa, he was told that there would be a dinner party in a few hours, and Abkhaz officials, large and small, had arrived and invited song and dance troupes to cheer up. How can good wine not be as good as rivers?

the next morning, the table was filled with all kinds of delicious food and wine. The most interesting thing is that, unlike other politicians, this reporter has withstood many tests, and even humorously talked with Khrushchev about his feelings on this trip. Khrushchev could only spread out his hand and said, “what can we do? This is the local customs here!”

gromiko is very drunk

the Soviet Union has many “Superman” diplomats, who can intoxicate any foreign counterparts, but their own and national reputation are intact. But for the sake of fairness, some examples of Soviet diplomats being unable to drink are also introduced.

gromiko, the strongest and most stubborn Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union, doesn’t drink much and likes to drink low alcohol. But it was the foreign minister, who was called “Mister no” by Americans, who also had an embarrassing experience, which surprised many people. A reception was held on the yacht of Egyptian President Nasser. All Egyptian officials led by Nasser and the Soviet delegation led by kosikin and gromiko attended. At the dinner, Nasser and kosikin decided to have a separate interview. Kosikin said to gromiko, “you stay as the host of the banquet.”

commands are commands, and gromico’s executive power isStrong, obey the arrangement. As a result, the next morning, many Egyptian officials took part in breakfast with big dark circles under their eyes, one by one listless. And gromico fell ill and became more and more serious. When visiting a museum in port said, he was so dizzy that he had to sit in a chair and receive medical treatment. In this way, our foreign minister tasted the suffering of drunkenness for the first time.

Brezhnev was drunk

the tradition of heavy drinking was still popular when Brezhnev was in power. Especially in his first ten years in power, Brezhnev often drank with foreign dignitaries. After drinking a whole bottle of wine with Nixon and Kissinger, there was still no obvious discomfort.

according to Vladimir Medvedev, deputy guard captain who has been with Brezhnev for many years, Brezhnev and Czechoslovakia General Secretary Husak were drunk at the opening ceremony of the new subway in Prague in 1978. “Imagine the leaders of two communist countries kissing and hugging. Husak is drunk, and Brezhnev has broken his face, his eyebrows and the bridge of his nose,” he said As a result, the bodyguard could only help Husak from both sides to prevent him from falling.

Brezhnev’s alcohol consumption decreases with age, but his relationship with various fine wines is more complex, which is later.