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what are the excellent film and television, animation and literary works of Steampunk? Ask for recommendation- Some answers of the strange stone statue grapefruit can not be said to be all wrong, but only a little biased, which deviates from the Steampunk literature as the origin and the essence of the spirit of Steampunk.

but you can’t blame others. Because Steampunk novels in the real sense have hardly been published in China in the past (even if they were published, they are cold books that no one reads). Our conventional impression of Steampunk is the different Steampunk culture from animation and games.

everything should start from this book:

yes, it is this cat head that is often used as a head portrait. The first Steampunk novel, the differential machine, written by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling in 1991. The term Steampunk was first proposed by science fiction critics. As a novel co authored by the founder of cyberpunk and his loyal followers, the differential machine once caused a frenzy. In the era of a large number of related human products flying around, critics imitated “cyberpunk” and named this style “Steampunk”. So it’s called punk just because it’s easy to talk. I think those related to punk spirit can wash and sleep. The story of

is probably:

. In the first half of the 19th century, the wide application of steam engine opened the tide of global industrial revolution. At the same time, the development of computer technology is also changing with each passing day. The successful invention of the differential machine (a steam driven computer designed by Charles Babbage, a famous British mathematician) made the emergence of the information technology revolution more than 100 years earlier than in reality. The industrial revolution and the information technology revolution, two technological waves with great power to change the world, have been combined into one, violently subverting the political, economic and military pattern of the whole world.

the following is a lot, but you must see it. After reading it, you will not be able to get up on your knees. The real history:

the so-called differential machine is this thing. The source of




can be found in the watermark. In order to facilitate the guy who is spoiled and lazy to Baidu by the respondent, I copied and pasted it.



the meaning of the so-called “difference” is to convert the complex formula of the function table into difference operation, and replace the square operation with simple addition. In 1812, Babbage, 20, got his inspiration from jacquard knitting machine invented by French jacquard. The design of differential machine flickered the magic light of program control – it can automatically process the calculation process of different functions according to the designer’s will. Babbage spent a whole decade to complete the first differential machine in 1822. It can handle three different five digits with a calculation accuracy of six decimal places, and immediately calculate several function tables. Due to the extremely low level of industrial technology at that time, Babbage completed the first differential machine from design and drawing to mechanical parts processing by hand. Babbage was inspired by the joy of success. He wrote to the royal society overnight and asked the government to fund him to build a second large differential machine with an accuracy of 20 bits. However, in the process of mechanical manufacturing, the second differential ended in failure because the error of the main parts was less than one thousandth of an inch. However, he sent all the design drawings and some completed parts to the Royal College Museum in London for viewing.

Babbage proposed a new and bolder design in 1834. The goal of his final sprint was not just a difference machine capable of tabulating, but a general-purpose mathematical computer. Babbage called this new design “analysis machine”. It can automatically solve complex problems with 100 variables, each number can reach 25 bits, and the speed can be calculated once per second.

“this machine is superior to previous machines in terms of possible calculation range, simplicity, reliability and accuracy, or no human participation in calculation.” Babbage designed the analyzer so exquisitely that he planned to use the steam engine as the power to drive a large number of gear units. Babbage’s analyzer has three major parts: one is the gear type “repository”, which Babbage calls “store”. Each gear can store 10 numbers, and the array composed of gears can store 1000 50 digits in total. The second part of the analyzer is the so-called “operation room”, which is named “mill” by Babbage. Its basic principle is similar to Pascal’s runner. It carries out digital operation by means of meshing, rotation and translation between gears. In order to speed up the operation, he improved the carry device so that the operation of 50 digits plus 50 digits can be completed in one wheel. In the third part, Babbage didn’t give it a specific name. Its function is to control the order of operation with “0” and “1” in the jecard punch card, which is similar to the controller in the computer. He even considered how to make the machine handle conditional transfer actions. For example, if the result of the first step is “1”, then multiply, and if it is “0”, then divide. In addition, Babbage also conceived the mechanism for sending and taking out data, as well as the components for continuously transporting data between “warehouse” and “workshop”.

but the analysis machine could not be built at last. Babbage and Ida failed. Babbage and Ida failed because they looked too far, and the idea of the analyzer was beyond their time for at least a century! The need of social development and the possibility of scientific and technological development make them destined to become tragic figures. Nevertheless, Babbage and Ida have left an extremely precious spiritual heritage for computer science, including 30 different design schemes, nearly 2000 assembly drawings and 50000 part drawings (verified by later generations that they can operate according to the original idea), as well as the fighting spirit of self-improvement in adversity and desperate pursuit of ideals.

understand? This guy built a computer in Victorian timesAh, ah, ah! It is 103 years ahead of the birth of the first electronic computer ENIAC at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States! (Pan) strongly urge the crossing bureau to send him back to the end of the 20th century! Together with Ms. Aida, a good friend!!!

“Countess Augusta ADA Kim Lovelace (December 10, 1815-november 27, 1852), formerly Augusta ADA Byron, commonly known as ADA Lovelace, is the daughter of the famous English poet Byron, She is the only legitimate son of her poet father Byron and her mother, amateur mathematician Anne Isabella Milbank.

her teacher Mary Somerville was a famous 19th century scientist who was introduced to Charles Babbage on June 5, 1833. The famous Sir David Brewster, Charles Weston, Charles and Michael also knew her.

ADA had a high talent for mathematics since childhood. Her father called her “Princess parallelogram” and later partner Charles Babbage called her “digital witch”. In a paper published in 1843, IDA believed that machines could be used to create complex music, graphics and scientific research in the future, which was a very bold prediction at that time. From the current point of view, IDA first worked out the “algorithm” for the calculation, and then wrote a “programming flow chart”. She was the first programmer in the world and was widely regarded as the first programmer, which had a great impact on modern computer and software engineering.

the language named after her – Ada language has become the language for the US military to develop advanced weapons such as fighter planes. It is a successful representative of modern computer language and reflects the achievements of program language research. The emergence of ADA marks that software engineering has successfully entered the national and international scale. In a sense, ADA also broke the shackles of “von roemann’s thinking mode”, and together with Ada’s support environment (apse), formed a new school of so-called ADA culture. It is by far the most complex and complete software tool. Ada language is the only language designated by the U.S. Department of defense that can be used for military system development. China’s military also takes ADA as the military development standard.

the Victorian era was indeed a magical era. If the difference machine is really completed, then history will be rewritten and the world in Steampunk literature will become the reality of that era.




are different from cyberpunk’s worries about the rapid development of modern science and technology and its doubts about whether future science and technology can really bring happiness. Steampunk is a real romantic optimism. It comes from the era when the humid fog caused by industrial development shrouded the whole London, It comes from the era when people believe that winter has passed and spring will not be far away. People firmly believe that science and technology will bring us a better future, hold an optimistic attitude towards science and technology and move forward bravely with the difficulties at hand. This is the spirit of Steampunk.

in the difference machine, ADA’s father, Byron, the author of Don Juan, did not die but became the British Prime Minister. This is a political victory for Romanticism. The works with Steampunk as the core also take exploration and poetic adventure as the theme, and even bring magic, alchemy and monsters, forming the integration of science fiction and fantasy.

this is an important feature of Steampunk: the integration of romantic style and modern technology. This can only be achieved in the fictional era with the help of the novelist’s pen. In our era, only such things will be born:

instead of such things:

beauty is a matter of different opinions. For example, the design concept of iPhone is partial to Japan, which is a minimalist style of Zen. It does give people a simple and clean sense of the future, but for me… It’s really boring.

machinery should be more beautiful and intuitive things, exquisite and complex, like intricate patterns of lace. But with the development of science and technology, the pure mechanical beauty has gone away. In an era when one chip can handle everything, a huge figure quietly fell behind the differential.

what we miss is something that is not suitable for this era and cannot be returned. But I just can’t stand it. Only through those sporadic elements can you experience the subtle feelings of those fictional characters sitting on a huge floating airship and overlooking the steam powered carriage passing through Gothic buildings.

(extra topic: current mobile phone theme (???)? This reflects an appeal to perfectly combine the confused and complicated beauty of that era with modern science and technology. On the one hand, it is extremely literary and nostalgic, and on the other hand, it is difficult to give up the convenience and avant-garde of modern science and technology. The Steampunk works after the “difference machine” all express their ideas through the world outlook and pursue their own romance. Each has its own characteristics, which can not be simply classified. There are also those who pursue beauty, but that can only be regarded as “works of art”.

what is the core charm of Steampunk:

is the yearning for the so-called “exotic style”, the yearning for the nonexistent and mysterious Utopia. What we open our eyes to see is just our reflection reflected in the mirror, just as we are only touched by what reflects our true desire. Through the carrier of Steampunk, we realize our demand for beauty, romance, adventure and mystery. This is its charm.