Aircraft carrier has always been synonymous with power.

However, this arrogant “maritime overlord” encountered a lot of embarrassment when it first came out, and once made its development prospects bleak.

When it first came out of the Jianghu, the aircraft carrier was ignored by the British navy and was often assigned to undertake some support tasks such as reconnaissance, liaison and transportation.

The officers and men on those big name warships despised the commanders of the aircraft carrier, which really depressed the officers and men on the aircraft carrier, so they always wanted to find a chance to show them.

In January 1918, opportunities fell from the sky.

On the sea surface of the Dardanelle Strait, the British navy and the Turkish navy are fighting fiercely.

Suddenly, the Turkish Battlecruiser yauz ran aground while fleeing.

This can make the British fleet commander happy.

Looking at the readily available “prey”, the commanders are eager to try.

However, at this time, the commander in chief of the British fleet made a dilemma: “who should be sent? Battleships? No! How can you kill chickens with ox knives.

Cruisers? No! If there is any mistake, the gain will not be worth the loss.

Submarines? That’s even worse! It’s too condescending to let the” underwater killer “do such a simple thing.

Aircraft carrier? yes! Aircraft carrier! ” After pondering for a long time, the commander in chief of the British ship finally thought of this “novice”.

“The depression of the past will be elated today!” After receiving the order, the aircraft carrier commander could not hide his excitement and spit out the depression accumulated for a long time.

As a younger generation, the aircraft carrier has never had the right to speak in front of the big brothers such as cruisers and battleships.

Now, thanks to the special “favor” of the fleet commander, it has sent a “beautiful job”, which must show its strength.

The captain of the aircraft carrier danced excitedly and wanted to open champagne to celebrate immediately.

Finally, the Royal ark and the Islander received the bombing mission.

But when it was time to carry out bombing, the captains of the two aircraft carriers found that the problem was not as simple as they thought.

You know, before that, no aircraft carrier had sunk a cruiser, that is to say, they had no experience at all.

But soon, the two captains were calm: it was just a piece of meat thrown on the chopping board.

As long as the carrier plane aimed at the target and threw bombs.

Soon, the two aircraft carriers drove near the battle cruiser “yauz”.

The two aircraft carrier captains let the carrier aircraft take off to attack the enemy ship.

After completing the task of dropping bombs, the carrier aircraft quickly flew away from the “yauz”.

“Boom!” Bursts of deafening explosions came from behind my ears.

After a while, the pilot flew back to the sky near the “yauz”.

Originally, he thought he would see the “broken” yauz, but the result was greatly unexpected.

The “yauz” was unscathed.

Looking at the scene in front of us, the carrier plane can only fly over again and drop the bomb.

The sound of explosion can be heard one after another.

Around the “yauz”, huge water columns were raised due to the explosion.

When the smoke cleared, “yauz” was still standing on the water safely.

The captains of the two aircraft carriers were flustered.

This is incredible! There are many bombs dropped by the carrier planes of the two aircraft carriers.

Why is it still motionless and unharmed? The two captains were puzzled.

In fact, for the armored ship known as the “iron fortress”, the 29kg and 50kg bombs thrown by the carrier aircraft can’t play a role at all.

What should I do? What should I do? The current situation made the two aircraft carrier captains gnash their teeth in anger.

It’s a shame.

The two aircraft carriers can’t help but run aground on a cruiser! That’s terrible! After discussion, the two captains decided to put all their eggs in one basket: “use torpedoes!” At the command, then the carrier plane carried a torpedo and roared into the air.

But why does the carrier plane look like a child learning to walk? It turned out that the torpedo was too heavy.

Each torpedo weighed hundreds of kilograms, which made the carrier aircraft a little overwhelmed.

However, the current situation does not allow the pilot to think so much.

You know, there are a large group of people waiting to see the joke of the aircraft carrier.

If this fails again, it will be even more difficult to raise their heads in the future.

Adjusting his mind, the pilot fully controlled the plane and flew to the “yauz” with difficulty.

Suddenly, the carrier plane lost control and fell straight down.

At this time, the pilot was sweating and desperately controlling the carrier plane to escape the disaster, but to no avail.

With “Dong!” With a loud sound, the carrier plane plunged into the sea with a heavy torpedo.

This really made the two aircraft carrier captains angry.

However, in the face of the “iron fortress” in front of us, nothing can help except torpedoes.

No way, the second carrier plane can only take off with a torpedo.

This time, the carrier plane looked heavier and swayed in the air like a drunken man, not in a straight line.

All voices are mentioned.

However, the second carrier based aircraft could not change anything.

After flying for a short distance, it also plunged into the sea and was swallowed up by the sea in an instant.

Looking at the scene in front of them, the two aircraft carrier captains suddenly looked silly.

Now they really think it’s over.

They didn’t pay attention to it before.

Now they want to be proud, but they become frustrated.

Since then, the reputation of aircraft carriers has plummeted even more.

In fact, two aircraft carriers tossed about for most of the day, but they couldn’t deal with a stranded cruiser and lost their own two carrier based aircraft.

How can it not be chilling? With the consent of the General Commander of the fleet, the two aircraft carriers left the waters in a gloomy manner.

Since then, the embarrassing experience of the aircraft carrier has become the laughing stock of those who despise it, which also darkened the future of the aircraft carrier.

However, in this world, there are still people who know the Pearl.

In the subsequent history, the aircraft carrier staged “thrilling plots” with its real strength.

From then on, it has become another overlord at sea! [cool review] this story tells us that everything is difficult at the beginning.

The first time, everyone is inexperienced and immature, even aircraft carriers are no exception, so it’s nothing to make a joke or lose face.

The important thing is to sum up experience from failure, cheer up and believe that “I’m the strongest”.