With a petite figure, iron will and strong fist, Arroyo will integrate rigidity and softness, control the Philippines between her fingers, snap her fingers, brush her sleeves, wind and waves.

Chinese name of private file: Gloria Macapagal Arroyo birthplace: bansheeland Province, Philippines English Name: Gloria Macapagal Arroyo date of birth: April 5, 1947 Nationality: Philippine Graduate School: Georgetown University profile Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was born on April 5, 1947 Bansheeran province of the Philippines is the daughter of former Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal.

In 2001, Arroyo was elected the 14th president of the Philippines.

She is the second female president of the Philippines.

Arroyo won re-election in the general election held in May 2004.

Resigned in June 2010.

On November 18, 2011, he was charged with “manipulating the election” and arrested in the hospital, but was allowed to stay in the hospital for physical reasons.

Arroyo is the second female president in Philippine history.

She has quite unique “political charm” and is a force that can not be ignored in Philippine politics.

She adheres to the people-friendly style of her father (former Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal), understands the people’s feelings and pays attention to economic development.

Under her petite and delicate appearance, she has a combination of hardness and softness.

Economic reform, the fight against terrorism and the handling of the coup showed her strong style of statesmen everywhere.

She is the world’s most Petite president, but in a political storm, she is as calm as a rock.

She is the most beautiful president in the world, but behind her beautiful appearance, she has an iron nerve and a strong fist.

She and former U.S. President Bill Clinton are college friends.

She won 16 million votes as a senator and became the highest in Philippine election history.

She is the second female president in Philippine history and the first female president to be re elected for two consecutive terms.

She ranked fourth among the “top 100 women in the world” for two consecutive terms.

Judging from her appearance, she is a typical little woman.

Although he is over half a hundred years old, he is still beautiful and only 1.

5 meters tall.

However, in this still male dominated society, he attracts the spotlight of major media all over the world.

It is a country that controls the peace and stability of the earth.

Arroyo, this woman is unusual.

She is the most beautiful president in the world.

However, behind her beautiful appearance, she has an iron will and a strong fist.

She has a shining, humorous star temperament and a conservative heart.

She once solemnly declared: “don’t try to kiss me.

I don’t want to be kissed by any man other than my husband.” 1. Arroyo and U.S. President Clinton were classmates.

Arroyo was born in bansheeland Province, Philippines on April 5, 1947.

She is the daughter of former Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal.

In the past, Arroyo was a bookworm and an excellent student.

At that time, Arroyo’s hairstyle was very bad, just like an “ugly duckling”.

After moving into the malakanan palace of the presidential palace at the age of 15, her “hair” began to be soft, and often showed shining eyes and bright smiling faces.

She began to own a private reception hall in malakanan Palace – violet house, a comfortable and quiet place where her guests can enter and leave.

Arroyo and her guests can listen to records, dance with hi fi, watch movies, or hold their own secret parties.

After two unforgettable years at the presidential palace, Arroyo was about to graduate from high school.

Gloria followed her father’s advice and went to the United States to study.

His father chose Georgetown University in Washington, the political center of the United States, for Arroyo.

The school of foreign affairs of Georgetown University is an important academic town of American international relations.

The school was founded in 1919 with the purpose of “cultivating leaders for the world”.

When Arroyo entered school, she refused the help of the Philippine Embassy in the United States and walked into Georgetown University alone.

At the new student registration office, Gloria, like other students, answered the teacher’s questions according to the procedure.

“Name?” “Gloria Macapagal.

” “Where do you live?” “Philippines!” Then a voice came from behind: “which continent is the Philippines in?” Arroyo never expected that someone would not know her motherland, and her self-esteem was hurt.

Then another voice answered the question.

He talked endlessly about the history of the Philippines and its origin with the United States.

Arroyo looked back at the voice and saw a tall American boy with blond hair, white T-shirt and blue jeans.

Later she learned that the boy was from Arkansas and his name was Bill Clinton.

The little storm at school made the relationship between the two very harmonious.

At the age of 15, at the birthday party of his classmates, the petite and beautiful Arroyo met the tall and handsome Jose Arroyo, who was born in the oldest famous family in the Philippines.

When he saw Arroyo, he knew he was in love with her.

After spring and autumn, Gloria has been studying in the United States for two years.

Jose Arroyo made a request to Gloria to get married.

After careful consideration, makapagars decided to let their daughter stop studying in the United States, return home and marry Hesai to continue her studies in China.

So Gloria left for home after her sophomore year.

Gloria and Jose Arroyo entered the sacred palace of marriage, and Gloria became Gloria Arroyo.

When Arroyo returned home, her father Macapagal was no longer the president of the Philippines, but he still had an important influence in Philippine politics.

As a son-in-law, Hosai was taken for granted as Macapagal’s successor.

However, he sai’s interest is not in politics.

He is more willing to use his intelligence to maintain the justice of the law.

Arroyo’s married world left only her parents and husband.

Her father was dissatisfied with her mediocrity and woke up like a dream.

Arroyo came to assangpushen University and picked up her textbook again.

Arroyo successively obtained a master’s degree and a doctor’s degree in economics.

In order to pursue a higher academic realm, she decided to stay in school as a teacher.

In 1969, Arroyo’s eldest son, Mike Arroyo, was born.

Arroyo was ecstatic.

She lived happily and fully.

Until Macapagal’s memoirs were published and readArroyo was ashamed of her father’s memoirs.

Recalling her father’s hard work in the presidential office of malakanan palace, she began to ask herself, what kind of life do you want? From then on, Arroyo began to go out of school.

She wrote a column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer and hosted an economic program on TV.

The quiet and beautiful Arroyo soon became famous for her distinctive views and strong sense of social responsibility.

In 1986, Marcos regime was overthrown in the “people’s revolution”, Mrs.

Aquino came to power, and Arroyo was appointed Assistant Minister of trade and industry.

Arroyo turned a blind eye to the power struggle in politics and devoted herself to her work.

In 1988, she was appointed director of the Export Bureau of the textile industry and began to play a leading role.

The corrupt elements of the Export Bureau don’t pay attention to Arroyo, who is beautiful and petite.

However, Arroyo’s vigorous work style makes them stunned.

By raiding the accounts of smugglers, smugglers were almost caught.

The long-standing and difficult problems have been significantly improved in just a few months, and clothing exports have increased significantly.

Arroyo’s vigorous style began to be known to Filipinos.

In May 1989, due to her outstanding political achievements, she was appointed by Mrs.

Aquino as Deputy Minister of trade and industry, in charge of policy research office and garment export.

In January 1992, Arroyo decided to run for senator and move towards a higher goal.

Entering the political arena in her 40th year, Arroyo strongly felt that she had little time for herself.

She had to create a political miracle to realize her ideal.

A few months ago, an amazing news came from the other side of the ocean.

Clinton was elected president of the United States.

After sending a congratulatory letter to her classmates and friends, Arroyo felt the need to win by surprise.

The Macapagal family are very supportive of Arroyo’s decision.

Arroyo’s more than ten years of teaching experience has trained her eloquence, enabling her to speak eloquently at 10000 people’s gatherings, and her working experience in the media has enabled her to deal with news agencies.

In May 1992, Arroyo got her wish and was elected to the Senate.

Her political life turned a new page. 2. The inside story of Arroyo’s accession to the presidency Arroyo’s hard work has been unanimously recognized by the whole Philippines.

Shortly after becoming a senator, she was appointed chairman of four important economic committees.

She has been elected “outstanding Senator” several times.

Arroyo became the “election Queen” of the 1995 Senate election, winning not only the highest number of votes in that year, but also more than any single candidate since the founding of the Philippines.

The brilliant victory of the election made her ambitious.

She began to move towards a higher goal – malakanan palace, but faced a strong competitor – Estrada.

Although the final result of the 1998 presidential election was that Mrs.

Arroyo became Estrada’s deputy, after all, she was only one step away from the presidency.

In 2000, the opportunity came.

Estrada broke the scandal of accepting bribes from gambling groups and his erotic history, and the voice demanding his resignation is rising.

According to the constitution of the Philippines, if the term of office of the president cannot be completed due to various reasons, the Vice President shall take over.

After receiving the explicit support of former Philippine President Aquino and other heavyweights in Philippine politics, Arroyo began to draw a clear line with Estrada.

At the same time, her power party and two other major opposition parties formed a united front against Estrada in Cebu City.

Key members of the military and cabinet have expressed their support for the opposition led by her.

The Supreme Court of the Philippines announced that the presidency was vacant and Vice President Arroyo was sworn in as president. 3. Arroyo’s recording scandal on June 5, 2005, a Philippine Broadcasting Company broadcast a telephone recording allegedly between Arroyo and an election official during the 2004 general election.

Arroyo was suspected of indicating fraud by election officials.

The whole country was in an uproar.

On June 28, Arroyo, with a dignified expression, made an unexpected statement in her speech to the national television, “I apologize.

I will be fully responsible for my actions.

” On July 8, the cabinet members who have always supported Arroyo split, and 10 ministerial officials resigned collectively and joined the camp against Arroyo, adding to the turmoil in the volatile Philippine political situation.

Despite being trapped in a political vortex, Arroyo stood firm on three issues from beginning to end.

First, she admitted that she had called election committee officials because she was concerned about her number of votes during the election, but it would not affect the election results after the counting and examination process, so it did not constitute fraud.

Second, she has always insisted on not resigning.

Especially after the cabinet members, business people and celebrities including former president Aquino have “turned their guns”, Arroyo still sits on the wave and emphasizes her innocence during last year’s election.

“I won’t give in to pressure.

” Third, Arroyo has always hoped that the political crisis can be resolved within the scope allowed by the constitution, so she welcomes the opposition to “go to court” with her in Parliament.

Two days later, the most influential Catholic Church in the Philippines issued a statement, saying that it did not agree with the opposition’s position of asking Arroyo to resign, but also called for the establishment of a truth commission to investigate the opposition’s allegations of election fraud.

About 84% of Philippine citizens believe in Catholicism.

The statement of the church has eased the political turmoil in the Philippines for more than a month.

After receiving the moderate statement of the church, Arroyo issued a statement expressing “humble thanks” and promised to follow the suggestions of the church, reflect on his moral problems, and welcome the opposition to investigate and even impeach the recording incident.

Before the recording incident in 2005, Jose Arroyo was said to have been involved in illegal gambling.

In order to avoid the family scandal “adding fuel to the fire”, on June 29, Arroyo lowered her posture again and announced that her husband would temporarily live abroad and make sacrifices for her political career.

When announcing the news, Arroyo, with tears in her eyes, recalled that her father, the late former president Macapagal, had taught her that God first, the country second and the family third. 4. Rocchi, who was born in 1947 and was elected president of the Philippines for two and a half years, looks very young.

When asked by the media about the maintenance secret, Arroyo said: “I have no beauty secret.

I have never been too worried about my appearance.

Maybe God gave me something to see.

“Go to the young gene.

” If she is born with a beautiful appearance, Arroyo’s elegant and unique dress undoubtedly adds a lot of points to her.

Arroyo has always been fond of Chinese cheongsam.

At the 2001 APEC meeting in Shanghai, Arroyo, dressed in a bright red Chinese cheongsam, stood among the heads of state and dignitaries, looking particularly exquisite and moving.

Later, Arroyo put on the red cheongsam again when entertaining the main heads of Chinese media in the state banquet hall of the presidential palace, and immediately became the focus of attention.

She said excitedly, “because the Spring Festival is coming, I specially wear this suit.

” In conversation and laughter, her love for cheongsam is obvious.

In September 2002, a Philippine magazine called Tatler caused a sensation in Manila as soon as it was listed, because its cover characters were their female President Arroyo and four government ministers.

The four government ministers were all dressed in black suits and sunglasses, which was very different from their usual image, while the petite Arroyo was surrounded by four tall ministers, full of star style.

Their style is completely copied from the costumes of two leading actors will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the Hollywood film man in black.

The president’s spokesman explained that the magazine was a life magazine, not as serious as time.

Arroyo just wanted to show her funny and humorous side.

As a female president with star temperament, President Arroyo relies not only on her beauty, but also on her father’s democratic style.

Shortly after becoming president of the Philippines, she announced the opening of the presidential palace for people to visit in order to shorten the distance from the public.

A Reuters reporter once took a picture of a Filipino boy holding the president’s hand tightly, and Arroyo did not mind sticking her head out of the window and looking at the child with a kind smile on her face. 5. Arroyo was caught in a wave of corruption.

On November 18, 2011, the Philippine Election Commission officially indicted former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on the charge of “manipulating the election”.

The election committee said on the same day that Arroyo was suspected of conspiring with the Ampatuan family to manipulate the Senate election in the southern Maguindanao province in 2007, so that all 12 candidates supporting Arroyo were elected.

“We just found that the evidence was sufficient to charge after receiving the investigation results, so we filed a lawsuit,” Election Commission spokesman Jimenez said.

The Manila Pasai District Court issued an arrest warrant to Arroyo on the afternoon of November 18, 2011.

At about 6:30 p.m. local time, former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo was arrested by the police in a hospital in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

Instead of leaving the hospital, the police guarded her in the ward.

She was accused of fraud and other acts in the 2007 general election.

The senior police officer who led the arrest said Arroyo was arrested in the hospital ward.

“She is now detained in the southern Police District,” the officer said.

“Because of her physical condition (poor), we won’t bring her out.

We just arranged police outside her ward.

” Arroyo’s lawyer, Raul rambino, condemned the authorities’ accusation of Arroyo’s practice on November 18, 2011, believing that it was intended to prevent her from leaving the Philippines.

“They violated the basic rules related to the established procedures.

It is obvious that this decision was made under high pressure from the beginning.”. On the afternoon of November 22, 2011, the families of the victims of the massacre in Maguindanao province filed a lawsuit against Arroyo in a court in the capital Manila.

The families of the victims identified Arroyo as providing political support and weapons to andar Ampatuan, the suspect of the massacre and former governor of Maguindanao province, and allowing the latter to form private armed forces.

On 23 November 2009, 57 local politicians and journalists in Maguindanao province were abducted and slaughtered.

196 people were charged with murder, including Ampatuan and his son andar Ampatuan Jr.

Ampatuan and his son denied planning the massacre.

Harry rock, a lawyer for the families of the victims, said that the then President Arroyo should have known that Ampatuan and his son were “dangerous people” and had the ability to prevent the massacre, but providing support to the latter was equivalent to aiding the tyranny.

The families of the victims deliberately chose to file a lawsuit on the 22nd, the second anniversary of the massacre, seeking compensation of 15 million pesos (about US $345000).

According to Agence France Presse, Arroyo provided military equipment to Ampatuan during her administration, allowing the latter to form a private armed force of thousands of people and launch a “proxy war” against insurgents in the south.

After the massacre, Arroyo was “forced” to cut off relations with the Ampatuan family.

Arroyo’s legal affairs spokesman Raul lanbino said on the 22nd that Arroyo is ill at this stage.

In addition to facing a number of charges such as undermining the election, she will also be “harassed” by this civil lawsuit.

Lampino told a Philippine media that the lawsuit was “the latest in a series of attempts to exert pressure on Arroyo”.

The Philippine Election Commission and the Ministry of justice officially jointly sued Arroyo on the charge of undermining the election, which was accepted by the Pasai district court.

Soon, the Philippine government ordered that former President Arroyo, who was involved in a corruption scandal, be banned from leaving the country.

Arroyo was accused of misappropriating hundreds of millions of pesos of government funds as campaign funds during her presidential campaign.

Arroyo denied the allegations.

The Philippine Justice Department requires Arroyo to be included in the “watch list” of immigration checkpoints for at least 60 days.

Earlier, Arroyo’s husband was included in the list last week.

One year after taking office, Philippine President Aquino III completed the personnel reorganization of the anti-corruption agency and began to investigate the corruption scandal involving former president Mrs.


Arroyo is likely to face up to four charges of corruption.

According to the Philippine Ombudsman, President Arroyo enjoyed presidential criminal immunity at the beginning, but now she has stepped down.

Investigators will re-examine past documents and search for more new evidence.

After taking office in 2010, Arroyo was re elected to the house of representatives of her hometown bambaga Province, and was successfully elected.

She also became the first former president of the Philippines who was “demoted” to continue in politics.

Political observers suspected that she was “shameless to take office” in order to maintain her political influence and avoid the investigation of relevant fraud cases.

On December 29, 2011, the Wall Street Journal of the United States targeted the Philippine government and a Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturerPhilippine prosecutors filed a new criminal charge against former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo on the 29th over priced contract between the Philippines and the Philippines.

The contract is said to involve huge rebates.

Arroyo’s husband and a former election chief denied receiving millions of dollars in kickbacks at a Senate hearing.

But the matter was never formally investigated because Arroyo banned senior officials from disclosing details.

The Philippine anti-corruption prosecutor filed charges against Arroyo, her husband Jos é Miguel Mike Arroyo, former election commissioner abaros and former Minister of transport Mendoza on the above-mentioned contract.

Court spokesman Boca said Arroyo was accused of approving the project for personal interests, although she knew that there were irregularities and anomalies in the approval of the project.

The accusation is based on the testimony of ZTE’s consultant Madrid Yaga in the Senate in 2008.

Madriga said that the initial offer for the project was $130 million, and then soared in order to give rebates to relevant personnel.

Former Philippine economic planning minister Neri testified that abaros bribed him to approve the contract.

Another witness, de benecia III, said that a rebate of $70 million was promised to Arroyo’s husband.

Arroyo, who was arrested, was soon exposed to a set of photos, all of which were published on the front page of one of the largest circulation daily newspapers in the Philippines.

In the photo, Arroyo wears a neck brace, her face is haggard, and her black hair is mixed with silver.

Arroyo’s lawyer Ferdinand topasio expressed anger at the leak of the suspect’s photos taken by the police after Arroyo’s arrest on the 22nd.

“Neither the former president nor ordinary people should be treated like this,” topacio told Philippine television 7.

“The [judiciary] should deal with all poverty.

Everyone should be treated with dignity, whether the former president or ordinary workers.

” Court and police officials denied divulging photos of Arroyo’s suspects to the media.

Arroyo’s lawyer team filed a complaint to the Supreme Court on the 21st, saying that the investigation against Arroyo ignored the judicial process and hurriedly, and did not give the defendant the opportunity to file an application for reconsideration.

Former Philippine President Arroyo appeared in court on the 23rd.

She denied the bribery charges in court and insisted that she was “innocent”.

Agence France Presse reporter described that the court trial lasted only about 10 minutes.

Escorted by security personnel, Arroyo arrived at the court.

Wearing a pale yellow dress and a necklace around her neck, she smiled at the audience and shook hands with some people after entering the court.

When the judge asked Arroyo to speak on the charges involved, Arroyo said: “(I) am not guilty.

” Court spokeswoman Fernando Mingo said the trial was historic because “the former president was under control” and she “undermined the people’s election”.

Arroyo was born on April 5, 1947 in bansheeland Province, Philippines.

In 1968, he studied at Georgetown University in Washington.

In February 1986, he served as vice minister of the Ministry of trade and industry.

1988-1990, in charge of the textile and garment export Bureau.

From 1992 to 1995, he was elected to the Senate twice and once served as Deputy Minister of trade and industry.

In May 1998, he was elected vice president and concurrently Minister of social welfare and development.

On January 20, 2001, he succeeded the former president as president.

In January 2001, he became the 14th president of the Philippines.

In May 2004, he was re elected president.

Public opinion commented that Arroyo proposed the goal of establishing a “strong Republic” after taking over as president, followed the United States politically and diplomatically, strengthened relations with the United States, Japan and China, and adopted a series of measures to stabilize society, develop economy, increase employment and reduce poverty economically, so as to gradually improve the social and economic development of the Philippines.

During her reign, Arroyo was committed to developing the economy and eradicating poverty on the one hand, and took tough measures to crack down on various criminal activities, including kidnapping, on the other hand, so that the public security situation of the Philippines, once known as the “kidnapping capital of the world”, began to improve, and the economy also entered the track of healthy development.

Arroyo star index charm index: power index: audience index: domestic influence: international influence.