Augustus (Octavian), the emperor who took power at the beginning of

, was very cautious in the use of power, but in order to consolidate his power, he fiddled with things within the family at will, and finally suffered bad luck. After Rome entered the era of Empire, the scandal with the emperor as the protagonist began to appear magnificently. As the highest power, their scandals seem more wild. When it comes to the Roman emperor, people think of nothing more than those unprecedented evils, follies, drinking and revelry. Perhaps the more you stand at the top of power, the more you want to do some absurd and stupid behavior. Augustus (Octavian), the first emperor in power, was very cautious in the use of power, but in order to consolidate his power, he fiddled with things within the family at will, and finally suffered bad luck. Augustus married three times, each with a political purpose. The first wife Claudia is the daughter of Anthony and his wife Fulvia, whose purpose is to establish a friendly relationship with Anthony. But when the relationship broke down, Claudia left him. In the first 40 years, he remarried with scripolia. She is the aunt of the wife of big Pompeii’s son Sextus. The purpose of this marriage is to bring the Sextus who tends to Anthony to his camp. Augustus and scripolia gave birth to their daughter Julia. He has been married three times, but he has only one daughter. Therefore, he took great pains in succession. 39 years before Julia’s birth, Augustus met Livia and fell in love. Levia was the wife of Tiberius Claudius Nero. They had a son named Tiberius. Livia was pregnant with her second child, but she still left her husband. Augustus divorced scripolia and began his third marriage with Livia. Three months later, Livia’s second child, Drusus, was born. Although it was an illegitimate love, Livia remained chaste for Augustus and maintained their good relationship to the end of her life. Unfortunately, there was no crystallization of love between the two. Augustus and Livia’s marriage is considered to be the expression of real love without political color. In fact, it is not the case. Livia’s ex husband was born in the Claudius family, a famous family in Rome, and was the adopted son of Julius. For Octavian (Augustus), who was not an upper class person, his marriage to Livia enabled him to enter upper class society and gain economic strength. Since Augustus had no son, he was in trouble with his successor. He had great expectations for his daughter Julia’s son and hoped that Julia would marry Marcellus. Marcellus was the son of Augustus’ sister Octavia and his first husband. But he died young. Julia’s second husband was Agrippa, a general beside Augustus. He first married Marcellus’ sister, then separated, became Julia’s husband and had five children. While Julia took advantage of the absence of Agrippa expedition, she had many lovers and lived a wild life. She has a famous saying: “only when the ship is full can it hold no other sailors.” It means that if you have an affair with your husband and children, there will be no illegitimate children. Her actions are reminiscent of what his father Augustus did. As mentioned earlier, Augustus married Livia, who was pregnant. At that time, in order to confirm whether such a thing could get the permission of the gods, Augustus also made a special trip to consult the magistrates. The priest told him that as long as it was clear who the child in the stomach was, it could not be regarded as adultery. In other words, if someone else’s wife is pregnant, it will be considered adultery, while simple sex will not be considered adultery. It was for this reason that Julia was so reasonable and confident to mess around during her pregnancy. Agrippa died 12 years ago. Augustus chose Livia’s eldest son Tiberius as Julia’s third husband. In this way, the Julius family and the Claudius family were more closely combined. But it also creates a dazzling picture of next of kin marriage. A little trouble was that Tiberius had married vipassania at that time. Vipassania was the daughter of the dead Agrippa’s first wife. Augustus divorced Tiberius and made him Julia’s third husband. According to the emperor’s plan, he would take Gaius and Lucius, the sons of Julia and Agrippa, as his heirs and Tiberius as their guardians. Due to Julia’s debauchery, Tiberius was sent to Rhode Island. His brother Drusus fell off his horse in Georgia. Drusus was married to Antonia, the daughter of Antony and Octavia. They had three children, GermaniCus, Claudius and Livia Julia. Because Tiberius was imprisoned in Rhode Island, Julia’s obscenity was even more out of control. It is said that she and ten concubines walked in the streets of Rome and made promiscuity in public. Augustus was also angered by his daughter’s huge scandal. He punished Julia’s companions and imprisoned Julia on the island of pontiatria. However, Gaius and Lucius, the sons of Julia, whom he regarded as heirs, died suddenly. There was also a rumor that Tiberius, levia’s son, intended to assassinate Augustus in order to be emperor. Augustus had to choose Tiberius and Agrippa potumus, the second son of Julia, as the heir, and adopted GermaniCus, the son of Tiberius’s late brother Drusus, as Tiberius’s adopted son to become the heir to the throne. Germanic NICUs and Julia married agripina, daughter of Agrippa. As a result, it was this family that gave birth to the third Emperor Caligula and the fourth emperor Nero. In 14, Augustus died. His last words mentioned that Tiberius and his mother Livia shared the inheritance. Potumus was soon deposed because of his natural stupidity. Tiberius eventually became emperor, but he had to worry about being the Queen’s mother. Livia was given the honorary title of “W Gusta”。 For the first time in Roman history, women began to exert influence on state power. Levia, Julia and other women with strong ideological consciousness began to appear one after another. While the struggle between Livia and Julia continued, another battle between women began. When rumors spread that his wife was going to assassinate Armani in Rome, his expedition began. Next, Drusus, the son of Tiberius, died suddenly, allegedly poisoned by his wife Livina, the sister of GermaniCus. Tiberius was extremely tired of the struggle between women. For the first 27 years, he locked himself up on the island of Capri, trying to break free from the struggle between women. The politics of Rome was handed over to the pro guard captain cheyanus. In order to become the successor of Tiberius, cheyanus exiled agripina, the widow of GermaniCus, and her eldest son, and abetted Livina to poison her husband Drusus, and then married Livina himself. Finally, Tiberius became aware of cheyanus’s plot and arrested him and executed him. It is said that it was agripina, the mother of GermaniCus, who reported the plot of cheyanus to the emperor, and Livina, who participated in the plot, was her daughter. Livina died in prison and agripina committed suicide. This is a scandal in which relatives kill each other. Being involved in the war between women, Tiberius spent a dark old age and died 37 years ago. His designated successor is Gaius, the son of GermaniCus and agripina. He was born in the front line of Georgia and raised in the boots of soldiers, so he is also known as “kaligura”.