may be better known as Gatling, but in terms of actual combat power, markchin machine gun is lighter. After all, the markchin machine gun was invented more than 20 years later than Gatling, and it will certainly be better than Gatling. In fact, markchin machine gun is the first automatic weapon in the world. It uses gunpowder and gas as energy and can fire 600 bullets per minute. Markchin machine gun also played a great role in the later war, which can be said to have directly changed the war history of mankind. The lethality of this heavy machine gun is not comparable to that of traditional rifles.

in 1884, a poor American named Hiram Stevens markchin showed Europe his invention: a fully automatic machine gun. He firmly believed that his invention would change war and the world. He will soon become rich. But reality slapped him hard. Because European nobles looked at him like a clown and his invention like an animal circus. “This thing is so fun!” “This little thing is wonderful!” Only no one asked about the price, and no one placed an order. Hiram Stevens Maxim hung his head listlessly and came home to settle an account. Unexpectedly, the invention not only didn’t make a fortune, but also lost his savings for a long time.

at that time, in the European battlefield, people advocated the chivalry of glorious cavalry charging and marching towards the enemy in a neat queue with rhythmic military drums. For this fully automatic machine gun, which can not highlight the noble quality and chivalry, how can it have the opportunity to enter the battlefield?

what Hiram Stevens markchin didn’t expect. The fully automatic machine gun, which was unpopular in Europe and America, made African colonists think it was a sharp sword given to them by God.

because in Africa, although the colonists relied on their boats and guns, they had an overwhelming advantage over the local black aborigines. But there are two problems that the colonists can’t solve all the time: first, they can’t make the local black residents have a God thought that “whites can’t defeat”. 2、 Once the black natives use crowd tactics. Although the colonists could win in the end. However, a large number of casualties cannot be avoided. The colonists believed that automatic machine guns could solve these two problems perfectly.

in 1891, a German military doctor fought back against the colonial rebels with machine guns and won. In 1898, the Mahdi uprising broke out in Sudan. In the last battle of entuman, the Sudanese called 20000 people to attack the British. The final result was that the Sudanese lost a full 15000 brave soldiers (11000 in some cases), and almost all of them died at the muzzle of fully automatic machine guns. It is said that the British have only paid the price of dozens of casualties. This result made the British people feel scared and muttered to themselves: “this is not a war, this is simply a massacre”.

Westerners also began to get used to this unilateral killing machine. It also appeared in China in the feudal Qing Dynasty: hundreds of Western invaders in Minxiang in the eastern suburbs fought off the siege of tens of thousands of Yihe regiments with a few machine guns. In 1904, the British army invaded Tibet. In a battle, hundreds of Tibetan troops fell under several machine guns. Even a British soldier who operated a machine gun wrote to his mother after the battle and said, “I am so disgusted with this killing that I stop firing. But the general’s order is to kill as many Tibetans as possible.”

but in the military circles in Europe, no one is interested. Because they believe that the noble people of Europe will not be “defiled” by machine guns. This has created a very interesting situation in Europe. On the one hand, European military circles are competing with whose ship is strong and whose artillery is sharp. On the one hand, markqin machine gun is in the cold palace and no one knows it.

during World War I, the Germans used some machine guns. In the battle of Somme River, the British and French allied forces launched a total attack on the German army. The infantry of the British and French allied forces rushed to the German position like a tide. They attacked eight divisions of the second German army under the command of general Fritz von belo, which installed hundreds of macchin machine guns in the area of Jock heights. When the British and French allied forces entered the range of machine gun shooting, the German ambush markqin machine gun suddenly opened fire, and the Allied soldiers were swept in pieces. According to the history of World War I, the British and French allied forces killed 60000 people on that day, most of whom were killed by markqin.

as stated in the Memoirs of World War I: “When World War I broke out, although the Germans were attacking and the French were defending strategically, in terms of tactical details, as soon as the French saw the Germans, they were like beating chicken blood, wearing their red pants, shouting slogans like ‘long live France’ and ‘bayonet fight’, and launching a suicide charge against the Germans with the majestic Marseille.”

after the power of markqin machine gun was realized, countries began to equip all kinds of machine guns. Britain rapidly produced the 7.7mm Vickers machine gun improved by markqin; France is heavily equipped with air guided hachikas machine guns; The United States began to equip Lewis machine guns; wait.

in 1916, Hiram Stevens Maxim left the world. He didn’t walk alone. Because his invention has helped him gather enough people.

the Encyclopedia of weapons and equipment said: “the emergence of markchin machine gun marks the end of an era. The tactics used since the era are completely useless”.

since then, in the face of the existence of machine guns, intensive charging has become a lethal tactic. After the defensive side is equipped with markqin, it only needs a small number of troops to resist the attack of a large number of enemy forces alone. The two sides also began to investigate each other’s firepower deployment. At the same time, the machine gun position has also become the focus of artillery. During the war of resistance against Japan, many machine gun positions of our army opened fire soon