In ancient Europe,

has aroused great interest in the unknown outside world since Columbus discovered the North American continent. At one time, many navigators set sail for exploration to discover their own continent. At that time, the most advanced countries in the maritime industry were Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain and other countries. The horn of good hope in Africa was also discovered during this period. So who found out? Now let’s get to know each other.

DIAS is a famous navigator. He has sailed on the sea for many times and accumulated more sailing experience. Because his grandfather and father were both navigators and his family used to be a royal family, DIAS received the attention of the royal family. In 1487, DIAS accepted the order of the king and prepared to lead the fleet to explore the southern tip of Africa, Trying to find the route to India, what I didn’t expect was that DIAS sailed and found the thrilling place of the Cape of good hope. So how did DIAS find the Cape of good hope? What was the experience of DIAS sailing and discovering the Cape of good hope?

at the beginning of the fleet voyage, DIAS’s spirit of exploration always made him feel that the speed was too slow, so he ordered the cargo ship loaded with food to return directly. In this way, the fleet moved very fast. But just when DIAS was very happy, a big storm suddenly swept over. DIAS quickly ordered to sail down and change direction. But the storm was so big that the ship couldn’t control it at all, so it had to be pushed to the south. At this time, DIAS didn’t know. Thanks to the storm, the Cape of good hope could be found in DIAS’s route.

after that, DIAS’s route became closer and closer to the Cape of good hope. He just knew that they might bypass the southern tip of Africa, so their fleet was located in the Indian Ocean. DIAS felt that as long as he continued to move forward, he could reach eastern India, but the real problem was very serious, and there was little food, And the crew was also very tired. DIAS had no choice but to return. In the process of returning, he met the place with a big storm again, and DIAS named him storm corner. However, the king felt that the name was unlucky, so he changed its name to the Cape of good hope. In fact, the meaning is to bypass this Cape to see the mysterious East. Which country did DIAS come from?

DIAS is a famous navigator. He comes from a royal family and a family with rich navigation experience. Since childhood, DIAS also likes maritime exploration. After several voyages, DIAS has accumulated valuable experience, Also let the country’s rulers begin to pay attention to him, so which country does DIAS come from? 689 7584 23473 28540 22528 7584 24340 22528 7584 23473 28540 22528 7584 24340 6231 15513 28540 91 9070 3893 15073 14846 8756 17829 25113 18305 7930 14241 8449 29618 In fact, at that time, few people knew what kind of place the southernmost part of Africa was. It was also because they didn’t know, so many people were ready to sail by boat. The king of Portugal set out to find the latest route out of Africa. This is also DIAS’s first breakthrough voyage.

in the late 13th century, because mark? Polo’s travels describe the East as a place full of gold. It is not only rich, but also very prosperous. Such a narrative led many western countries to start a wave of looking for gold in the East. However, at that time, the important passage between the East and the West was controlled by other empires. A large number of taxes and extortion had a significant impact on the transportation and trade between the East and the West. Until the 15th century, Portugal finally completed its political reunification, To a certain extent, the centralization of power was strengthened and domestic politics was stable, so they also began to find new routes to the East. In fact, at that time, the Portuguese economy was still very eager to seek development, and the king of Portugal knew this well. It was on this premise that DIAS, a navigator from Portugal, began a new voyage.

DIAS is a famous navigator. He is also the discoverer of the Cape of good hope. Due to the influence of his family, DIAS has loved sea exploration since childhood and accumulated a lot of sailing experience in many sea voyages. He once sailed twice under the instruction of the king of Portugal, but was killed in a big storm in the last voyage. So what was the purpose of DIAS’s voyage?

if you want to know the purpose of DIAS navigation, you must first combine the social background at that time. Before the 15th century, few people knew what it was like at the southernmost tip of Africa. For this problem, many people would go to sea, but they failed. Portugal also wanted to open up a new route and explore the mystery of the southernmost tip of Africa, so DIAS’s first voyage was to explore the southernmost tip of Africa.

when DIAS made his second voyage, people were influenced by mark? Under the influence of Polo’s travels, he had a strong interest in the rich East with gold everywhere. Moreover, at that time, Portugal had just experienced the war of independence and its domestic regime had been further stabilized. The next step was to develop its domestic economy, so it was very eager for the phenomenon of gold everywhere in the East. However, Turkey has always controlled the important channels between China and the west, whether it is taxation or the rampant extortion of pirates, which Portugal is not willing to pay, Therefore, the development of new routes is very important. The purpose of this voyage of DIAS is to open up new routes to India, so as to open up a bridge between China and the West.

DIAS himself said when he said the purpose of his voyage, “to bring light to the dark people”. In fact, DIAS is also a person with religious beliefs. The main meaning of this sentence is to spread the doctrine and thought of Catholicism.

about DIAS first of all, let’s introduce that DIAS’s full name is Bartolomeu? Dias, who was born in 1450 in a former royal family in PortugalBoth grandfather and father used to be famous navigators. DIAS liked to play at sea when he was a child. When he was a little older, DIAS fell in love with the activity of maritime exploration, and once followed a boat to some western countries, which accumulated valuable maritime navigation experience for DIAS.

while looking at DIAS’s profile, you can also see her rich exploration history. In 1487, DIAS led an exploration team with only three ships. He wanted to go all the way south from the west coast of Africa and bypass Africa halfway in order to reopen a new route to India. Although there are only three ships, the other two have 100 ton galleons on each ship. After the Portuguese king DIAS was found on the southern cliff in this way, he finally wanted to commemorate the greatest king of Africa. In December 1488, DIAS finally returned to Lisbon with his fleet. His return represented the first breakthrough in the history of new route exploration.

in 1500, DIAS and Cabral set out together. This time, the scale was unprecedentedly strong, but Cabral did not have any experience. They bypassed the southwest coast of Africa, but the arc was too large, so they found the existence of Brazil. But this voyage, DIAS can’t go back. He met a big storm. Although DIAS had broken through the most dangerous places in the Indian route, he still didn’t reach India.

DIAS had twice sailed under the orders of the Portuguese royal family to find routes connecting India. Dias had accumulated a wealth of experience before, which enabled him to return safely from his first voyage and found the Cape of good hope. But the second time was not so smooth. DIAS was finally killed after a big storm. So when is DIAS sailing time?

the first voyage of DIAS was in July 1478. At this time, DIAS set out with the king’s order. The starting point is Lisbon, which originally wanted to start along the West Bank of Africa and then find the route to India. On March 12, 1488, DIAS finally found the southernmost tip of Africa. He not only engraved the king’s name, but also printed a cross to commemorate it. In December 1488, DIAS finally returned safely with his fleet.

and DIAS’s second voyage was on March 9, 1500. This trip has many meanings, but the most important thing is to find the route to India and then transport the gold and goods from the east to the West. In fact, it is for the development of capitalism, but DIAS did not return safely this time. Two months later, on May 12, 1500, a major storm hit the whole fleet, killing DIAS.

in fact, the interval between DIAS’s two voyages is not very large, only one or two years. During this period, Portugal is finishing the work in the later stage of the war and making efforts to stabilize the state power. When everything is stable, the development of domestic economy is particularly important, It is also very urgent and important to get through the Indian route, so the second voyage of DIAS will be set in 1500.

DIAS is a navigator with the spirit of exploration. He once went to sea several times and accumulated great experience for the future voyage, and twice carried the orders of the king to explore new navigation routes for the development of the country. DIAS’s achievements are huge and very distinctive. What are DIAS’s achievements specifically?

first of all, DIAS’s achievements were to break the self-contained and relatively closed state of various countries and fields at that time, and also aroused people’s demand for new business opportunities. Colonialism was still popular at that time, and DIAS’s achievements enabled the countries at that time to bring a lot of money back to Europe, And most of them have been transformed into the capital of the capitalist class. In the process of sailing, DIAS once proved that the earth is a circle with his own practical actions, which is also more important in DIAS’s achievements.

at the same time, DIAS’s achievements are also reflected in the other hand, which is of great practical significance for the development of Indian routes. Although DIAS failed to return alive for the second time, under his leadership, he has long found a new route to India, and in this process, he not only reached places that people had never reached before, And arrived at the current port of Elizabeth and found the breathtaking Cape of good hope. At this time, DIAS actually knew that he had found a route to India.

in the process of DIAS’s voyage, he carried out cruel colonial trade around the west coast of Africa, and exported the found gold and other items directly from the port. After his death, new routes were still formed, and the colonial forces in the West began to expand to Asia.