the Wright family lives in the suburb of Deaton, Ohio.

Milton Wright, his father, studied in a Seminary when he was young, later became a priest and married German woman Susan Kathleen goner.

Wilbur was born on April 16, 1867.

On August 19, 1871, his fourth brother Orville was born.

Wilbur and Orville both love machinery.

They like to dismantle and do it since childhood.

They are most interested in clocks, scales and other things.

They often take out the curved nails, broken clocks, rusty blades and sections of iron wire that are treasured in the “treasure chest” to play with, leaving them scattered all over the house.

In spring, the countryside is covered with green grass and the wind blows.

The residents of Deaton town like to play kites, especially the children are more interested in competing with each other to see whose kites fly high.

This has become a local custom.

Wilbur’s kite is not only unique, but also flies very high.

Everyone envies it.

One day, the two brothers finished flying their kites, lay down on the green grass like a carpet and rested.

Looking up at the eagle flying high and gliding in the sky, Wilbur said to his brother: “if only you had a pair of wings on your body, you could fly around freely in the sky like a bird!” The father who was promoted to bishop preached abroad all year round and seldom came home.

Once he brought back a gift to his two brothers.

This is a butterfly tied with paper.

The father held the belly of the paper butterfly with his left hand and twisted the rubber plate hidden in the belly with his right hand.

As soon as my father loosened his hand, the paper butterfly flew.

The brothers were stunned.

Orville, who always liked to use his mind, thought to himself: the little paper butterfly can’t fly high, but can only fly a few feet away.

If it is enlarged, will it fly higher and farther? He told Wilbur the idea of being a big, flying “bird” with a certain weight.

The eldest and second brothers go to school in other places, so Wilbur and Orville, who go to school in their hometown, have a lot of housework to do.

Every day after school, they buried themselves in making “big bird” after helping their mother do things.

A few days later, the “big bird” bound with a rubber band was finally completed.

But as soon as it flew, it was broken by a branch.

It makes them very depressed.

After Wilbur graduated from high school, the brothers founded the deeton weekly.

The newspaper business is booming, and they have a lot of savings on hand.

Mother suffers from tuberculosis.

The brothers bought a lot of tonics.

However, she can’t eat and her body is getting weaker and weaker.

Before his mother died, he called the brothers to bed and told them to serve the public with their intelligence.

The Wright brothers have made great achievements in their career, but they are still obsessed with the machinery they are interested in.

One day in 1894, they pawned the newspaper to a news agency, rented a store in the downtown area, hung the sign of “Wright brothers bicycle shop”, and officially ran their specialty business.

“Wright brothers bicycle shop” flourished.

They asked their good friend ed to help take care of the store and hired several helpers.

But as soon as they are free, even if there is lightning, thunder, wind and rain, the brothers will run to the countryside to fly kites.

This makes people around feel very strange.

In fact, they are observing the wind and airflow in all kinds of weather.

They also repeatedly read zoological works to understand the skeletal tissue of birds and the action of flapping their wings and taking off.

They often go outdoors to observe the flight of birds.

Once, a group of wild geese flew over their heads.

They rushed out of the house recklessly to watch, which surprised the customers in the store and wondered why there was a fire in the place.

Decades before the Wright brothers studied planes, several Britons invented gliders and airships, but their flights failed.

One day in August 1896, there was a sad news: Otto lilinda, a German, was unfortunately destroyed and killed while trying to fly the glider he invented.

The Wright brothers were not discouraged by the failure of others.

They carefully designed a box kite.

The two sides of the “box” are tied with four ropes, and some bicycle parts are used on the kite.

The purpose of designing this strange kite is to understand how objects floating in the air can fly stably and change direction freely.

Wilbur wrote to Professor langler of the Smithsonian Institute for help.

Langler is a famous scientist in the United States and is also keen on the research of aircraft.

He was glad to have friends like the Wright brothers, and was very enthusiastic to send them many documents and books in this regard.

In 1900, after several months of busy work, the Wright brothers made a glider from wood and cloth.

After a long journey, they came to Kitty Hawk on the Atlantic coast.

Outside this desolate small fishing village, there are endless beaches and small hills suitable for taking off.

It is an ideal test flight point with strong sea breeze all year round.

The first two days were too windy and the test flight was unsuccessful.

On the third day, when the wind speed reached 8 meters per second, Wilbur climbed up the fuselage again and fell on the lower wing.

Orville pulled the rope and ran forward.

The wings floated lightly.

Wilbur carefully manipulated it.

He saw the fuselage sliding forward 2.

5 meters from the ground, and the beach retreated rapidly.

Although it only glided for 30 meters, it was able to fly after all.

This first success inspired the Wright brothers.

After they returned to Deaton Town, they immediately imitated the wings of birds and made various curved wings.

They tested them in their own wind tunnel to measure the resistance and buoyancy generated on the wings.

In the spring of 1901, Wilbur and Orville improved Otto lilinda’s calculations and built the second glider.

This is not an imitation of our predecessors, but a new aircraft based on our own experiments.

The new plane is larger, with elevator in front and rudder in the rear.

These devices can keep the fuselage stable and change the flight direction.

This autumn, the improved No.

3 glider took off.

Glider No.

3 can fly in strong wind and breeze and stayed in the air for 30 seconds.

Such achievements surprised even themselves.

They went on to build the fourth glider.

More than 3000 gliding flight tests were conducted in Kitty Hawk.

No matter how good a glider is, it can’t fly without the help of wind.

The two brothers have been thinking about this problem in their minds.

As soon as they returned to Deaton, they immediately changed their bicycles into an aircraft factory.

But at that time, almost everyone did not believe that human beings could fly in the sky, even some famous scientists were no exception.

The key component of the powered aircraft is the engine.

The Wright brothers stepped up the development of their own gasoline engine.