during the Second World War, the Jewish people in European countries were wildly slaughtered by Nazi Germany, and more than 6 million Jews were brutally killed. Despite this, there are still some people who are doing humanitarian things, giving full play to the glory of human nature and saving these Jews as much as possible. Schindler, the most representative figure in Europe, saved more than 1000 Jews on his own. But today Xiaobian wants to introduce a Chinese who has also made indelible contributions to saving the Jews. His name is “he Fengshan”. Now let’s learn about his story.

in March 1938, Germany conquered Austria and deprived all Jews in Austria of their property. Two months later, the Chinese Embassy in Austria was downgraded to the Chinese consulate, and he Fengshan was appointed Consul General of the Chinese consulate. At that time, when he saw the atrocities of the German Nazis against the Jews, he did a great thing with compassion. Until his death, he didn’t expect that he would be called “the God of the Jews.”

when Nazi Germany first entered Austria, it only sent some Jews to concentration camps. At the same time, it issued a statement demanding that all Jews in Austria leave Austria immediately and can be released. After the announcement spread, the Jews in Austria exploded. Every Jew is trying every means to leave Austria. But to leave Austria, you must go to another country. If you want to go to another country, you must have a visa from that country. However, there were too many Jews who needed refuge at that time. The quota in many countries was limited, and the situation of many countries was not very good. As a result, it is impossible for all Jews to leave Austria in a short time.

thousands of Jews come and go between consulates of various countries every day, but most of them have no following. At that time, there was a 17-year-old Jewish teenager who went back and forth in consulates of more than 50 countries in more than ten days. In the end, he was empty handed. No country was willing to apply for a visa for him. When he was almost desperate, he came to the Chinese consulate, which was not paid much attention. He Fengshan, who saw the 17-year-old boy at that time, could no longer bear to see these innocent Jews waiting to die there, so he immediately applied for a visa for the 17-year-old Jewish boy and let his whole family take refuge in Shanghai, China. The news of




was quickly spread. Since then, the Chinese consulate has lined up every day to wait for China’s visa. At that time, many desperate Jewish families got “life visas” to go to Shanghai, and some of them took refuge in the United States, Australia, Palestine and other countries after arriving in Shanghai.

during the period when he Fengshan dealt with the Jews, with the passage of time, the situation of the Jews became more and more dangerous. In November 1938, Nazi Germany began to mop up Jewish property in the whole urban area, raided all the property in Jewish stores and addresses, destroyed more than 200 Jewish churches, and sent more than 30000 Jews to concentration camps. On the 10th, he Fengshan came to a Jewish family who had received his visa and was ready to see the lucky Jewish family off. But on the way, I just ran into a group of Nazi soldiers who arrested the male owner of the Jewish family. Seeing this, he Fengshan immediately stepped forward to prevent the tragedy and clashed with Nazi soldiers. One of the Nazi soldiers has pulled out a pistol and aimed it at he Fengshan, ready to kill him. At this time, another Nazi soldier recognized that this was the consul of the Chinese consulate. As a diplomat, they had no right to kill him. So he immediately stopped the German soldier with the gun and told him: “this man is a Chinese diplomat. We can’t kill him. If we kill him, we will be in big trouble.” After learning that he Fengshan was a diplomat, the German soldier immediately put away his pistol. The visa has the legal effect of having to let all their Jewish family members go to Shanghai.

he Fengshan’s massive issuance of visas to Jews dissatisfied the Nazi German government in Austria at that time. At that time, the national government still had some diplomatic relations with Germany and had a good impression of Germany. Therefore, the national government did not want to offend the German government too much. He immediately ordered that he Fengshan stop issuing visas to Jews. But he Fengshan ignored the order and continued to issue visas to Jews.

in the case of ineffective pressure on he Fengshan, the German local government directly confiscated the house on the grounds that the house of a Chinese consulate was Jewish property. At that time, he Fengshan applied to Nanjing for the reconstruction of the consulate, but was rejected by the national government. But all this did not stop him from saving the Jews. He rented a small room at his own expense and continued to apply for visas for the Jews. After that, he issued more than 2000 visas until he Fengshan was forcibly transferred by the national government in 1940.

he Fengshan seldom mentioned this past after returning home, so his righteous act was unknown for a long time. He Fengshan died quietly in San Francisco in September 1997. His daughter he Manli publicized the issue of visas to many Jews when his father was a consul in Austria. At that time, Eric, a Jewish historian in the United States, was very excited after seeing the news. He immediately contacted he Manli and verified that he Fengshan handled the visa for Jews at that time. The Jewish historian named Eric was the 17-year-old Jewish boy. Then Eric and he Manli found some descendants of some Jewish survivors who were personally visa signed by he Fengshan. From this moment on, he Fengshan’s deeds of saving Jews spread as quickly as birds with wingsCome on.

among these rescued Jewish descendants, one is the famous American billionaire and the current Secretary General of the Jewish convention, Singh. Singh was moved to tears after receiving the news. He told Eric and he Manli: “my parents were saved by Dr. he. He is a real hero. I want to introduce him to the world.” Singh’s father was the male owner of the Jewish family who was brought down from Nazi soldiers by he Fengshan. 689 7584 23473 28540 22528 7584 24340 22528 7584 23473 28540 22528 7584 24340 6231 18264 9727 13134 7343 26651 15562 382 11406 18264 18323 29821 9668 25113 20519 19771 9510 24806 27035 13472 12890 22412 27172 18651 8756 29777 21889 9904 29969 22971 4778 22882 25113 20846 1428 30847 27287 9904 12132 18542 25113 27983 26651 91 8510 30847 18264 15066 21889 15579 7343 1725 27035 13472 21410 It is estimated that at that time, more than 50000 Jews fled to Shanghai, China, and established the largest Jewish Living Area in the Far East in Shanghai.

after the deeds of he Fengshan were announced to the world, Israel, the United States, the United Nations and other Jewish organizations held activities to commemorate he Fengshan for many times. The Israeli government has also awarded various honorary titles to he Fengshan, such as “international justice man” and “honorary citizen”. At the same time, a monument has been erected in why Fengshan, the capital of Israel. The Prime Minister of Israel once said in front of the memorial tablet of he Fengshan, “he is not an angel, but the God of the Jews. He lit a light for the Jews who were overwhelmed in the dark.” Jewish historians say, “Dr. he, like Schindler, is not only a Chinese hero, but also a Jewish hero.”