ascended the throne, those women who coveted his position threw themselves into his arms and gave him a hug, but there was always only one woman in Alexander’s heart – Princess Ekaterina. Princess yekaterina is Alexander’s eldest sister. They are of the same age. They grew up together. The years of living together day and night have made them have feelings beyond brothers and sisters.

Alexander I is one of the most famous czars in Russian history. He is famous not only because he has defeated ambitious three times, but also because his life experience is full of mystery and strangeness. Some people call him “the double faced God in Russian history”, “the Sphinx in the north” and “the actor on the throne”, while they think he is “a cowardly and cunning monarch”.

secretly murdered his father and ascended the throne

Alexander was born on December 12, 1777 (Russian calendar). His grandmother was the famous female Tsar Ekaterina II of Russia. Ekaterina II loved Alexander very much, but he was also very strict with him. Every morning, his grandmother asked Alexander to take a cold bath with the windows open in a room below 15 degrees Celsius to temper his will. When he was 6 years old, his grandmother drove away the female nanny at home and found 12 male tutors to educate him in order to cultivate his powerful and firm character.

Alexander’s father, Archduke Paul (Tsar from 1796 to 1801), was manic, overbearing, rude and stupid. Paul was tyrannical and moody during his reign, and even Alexander became a victim. He obeyed his father and asked for instructions in everything he did. He couldn’t even control his own time. His father would summon him at any time to report trivial details, and in half of the cases, he would be scolded for incompetence. Gradually, Alexander made some powerful friends. They were dissatisfied with the rule of Tsar Paul. They often discussed how to abolish the shackles hindering freedom, realize the equality of all citizens and establish a just and fraternal society. With the escalation of Paul’s arrogance and mania, more and more people began to oppose him and began to plan to overthrow his rule and support Alexander to ascend the throne.

on the night of March 11, 1801, the coup began. The opposition party rushed into the Czar’s bedroom and killed Paul. That night, Alexander hid in a suite and stood trembling beside his wife. When the news came that his father had been killed, he burst into tears. Although his father died at the hands of others, he expected so, so his heart was full of guilt. The leader of the opposition party came in and said to him, “all right, don’t be childish. Go to the throne!” In this way, Alexander became the new czar.

repeatedly defeated Napoleon

at the beginning of the 19th century, the ambitious Napoleon wanted to dominate Europe.

in September 1812, Napoleon launched an attack on Russia and captured Moscow. At first, Napoleon was in the army, but with the arrival of winter, the French army lacked shelter and supplies. Napoleon had no intention of fighting again and decided to make peace with Alexander. Alexander ignored Napoleon’s request and was determined to carry the war to the end. Napoleon had to withdraw from Moscow, Alexander ordered the Russian army to pursue the whole line, and the French army suffered heavy casualties. Napoleon tasted defeat for the first time.

however, Napoleon’s nightmare has just begun. On March 26, 1813, Alexander took over from field marshal Kutuzov, who was seriously ill, and personally led the army from Vilnius to advance to the border. He fought a decisive battle with Napoleon in Leipzig. Shrapnel flew across the battlefield, and the sound of artillery shook the sky. Alexander stayed on the battlefield all day. The left and right bodyguards advised him to take shelter. He said, “the bullets here won’t hit me.” Through the telescope, he could clearly see Napoleon’s gray coat and broad military cap. Once, Alexander drove his horse forward. Just a few steps, a shell fell on the place where he had just stood, seriously wounding his entourage. It convinced him that it was the power of God that made him destroy Napoleon.




after several months of fighting, the French army began to retreat. In January 1814, Alexander led an army into France. March 31, captured the French capital Paris. Napoleon was forced to abdicate. Although Napoleon escaped from the Exile Island of Elba a year later and rallied again, under the attack of the anti French Alliance led by the Russian army, Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo and abdicated for the second time.

in July 1815, Alexander entered Paris for the second time and held a grand military parade. When his army passed the reviewing platform, the leaders of the Allies were full of praise, and Alexander won unlimited glory for the Russian Empire.

don’t love beauty, infatuated with his own sister

after Alexander ascended the throne, those women who coveted his status threw themselves into his arms and gave him a hug, but there was always only one woman in Alexander’s heart – Princess Ekaterina. Princess yekaterina is Alexander’s eldest sister. They are of the same age. They grew up together. The years of living together day and night have made them have feelings beyond brothers and sisters. When Alexander’s marriage died in name, the relationship between brother and sister reached its peak. They often sit alone, talk long all night, and sometimes act too intimately. They all live in the palace, but they have to communicate every day. If Alexander I went out to inspect or visit abroad, the correspondence between brother and sister would be more frequent.

Alexander wrote in his letter to his sister: “knowing that you love me is the source of my happiness, because you are one of the most perfect beauties in the world”, “I love you like a madman!… seeing you, I am as happy as a madman. I run around like a possessed man. I hope I can relax sweetly in your arms”.

in 1808, Napoleon, the French emperor who shook Europe, suddenly proposed to Princess Catherine, which made Alexander very unhappy. He can’t stand marrying his beloved sister to a French cannibal”Monster”, declined politely. Later, he was afraid that Napoleon would propose again, so he hurriedly married Ekaterina to the Duke of Oldenburg, who was of ordinary appearance, general status and cowardly character.

after marriage, Ekaterina still lives in St. Petersburg. When her husband died of illness, the feelings between brother and sister were as reckless as before.

strange death different opinions

in September 1825, Alexander left St. Petersburg to recuperate in taganog, a small town on the sea with suitable climate but remote location. At first, the convalescent life was quite comfortable, but less than two months later, the Russian palace suddenly announced that Alexander I died in the convalescent place on November 19. The sudden death of Alexander has aroused speculation. Some people say that he did die of disease; If he had lived in seclusion, he would not have lived in seclusion at all. Since then, Alexander’s death has become a pending case. Ten years after Alexander’s death, an old man named Fedor kuzmitch appeared in a village in the Ural Mountains. Because he couldn’t tell his origin, he was expelled to Siberia by the police station. There, he had no fixed place to live, endured hardships and lived a very difficult life. However, he is knowledgeable and generous, and is deeply loved by the local people. It is slowly discovered that he knows the political events of the present age like the back of his hand and knows the deeds of some celebrities like a book. He can tell vividly the grand occasion when the Russian army entered Paris, and even one by one the entourage around the Czar at that time. It is said that he often received money and clothes from a woman named Maria fedorovna (the name of Alexander I’s mother) during a certain period of time.

on January 20, 1864, Fedor kuzmitch died at the age of 87, and he left many questions for future generations: a doctor who had participated in the treatment of Alexander’s disease never attended the prayer ceremony commemorating Alexander’s death on November 19, but one day in January 1864, he personally led everyone to pray for Alexander’s dead. He said with tears, “the Czar is really dead.” On the wall of the office of the successor Tsar Alexander II, a portrait of Fedor kuzmitch has been hanging.