in ancient and modern times, at home and abroad, war is a matter of men storming the front, while women are logistics personnel in the rear. For example, provide food, treat the wounded and so on. However, in the ancient war, there were some strong women occasionally, such as Hua Mulan in China, Joan of arc in France and so on. But the female hero that Xiaobian wants to introduce today comes from ancient England and is called budika. Now let’s join Xiaobian to learn about this free female soldier in ancient England.

budika was a famous female general in British history. It was not called Britain at that time. There were many Celtic tribes in Britain, and budika was a female general named aisini tribe. When budica was born, it was the prosperous period of the Roman emperor. At that time, Britain was a wilderness and a wilderness, and many tribes lived in harmony. When budika grew up, because of her outstanding beauty, he became the queen of aisini tribe, which can be said to be the aristocracy of early England. His husband, the king of assini, was named prasutagus. During the past reign, budika gave birth to two daughters for the king, but he did not give birth to a son until the king’s death, and then no one can inherit the throne.

at this time, Rome came to the British island with a powerful military force, and the disobedient tribes will be destroyed and rule all forces. At that time, the Romans made a rule that if there was no legal heir to the royal family, the land and everything of the tribe would belong to Rome. As Queen, budica strongly opposed this provision. She thought it was Rome’s contempt for the authority of her royal family. At that time, Rome was relatively civilized and fair compared with other countries or tribes. So under the threat of the Roman Legion, budica came to Rome in person and wanted to find justice through the Senate. But what she never expected was that the ruling Roman emperor was the famous tyrant Nero in Roman history. Nero paid no attention to budica’s to find justice. Instead, he accused budica and hated budica.

when budica returned to his kingdom, the Roman Legion also received Nero’s order to directly and forcibly bring isini’s land into his country and humiliate isini’s royal members, which means against budica. After receiving the order, the Roman soldiers rushed into the palace of isini. They beat budica and raped her two beautiful daughters in front of budica. Finally, budica herself was raped and ravaged. Isini’s Royal property was deprived, and all the minor Royal relatives were sold to Rome as slaves.

from now on, budika has been burning the idea of uprising. She thought that she must avenge this revenge. During this period of her forbearance, she was slowly preparing for the army and secretly united the forces of various tribes around her. Just as the Roman Legion conquered other tribes in the northwest again, budica and the tribes in the British Islands suddenly revolted. They united to attack camrodonou with two wheeled vehicle tactics. The reason why the




uprising was launched here was that the first main Legion had gone on an expedition, and the combat effectiveness of the city guard was not too high. In addition, the Romans did not pay attention to the defense strength of the city. Rebel soldiers painted themselves with blue paint to make them look more terrible. This dress successfully intimidated the Roman city guard, and the Romans were unable to resist. The women, on the other hand, took ox carts and horses to prepare in the rear and played an important role in logistics supply. Some Celtic women would wear robes and come near the battlefield to imitate Celtic Druid priests and curse these Roman soldiers to intimidate the Romans.

when the Roman Legion set out to win in Wales, they received information about the rebellion in the East. He ordered some soldiers to set out light and rush back, but at that time, the Roman high-level had already fled by boat, leaving a whole city of Roman citizens.

in the next three weeks, there were more than 100000 rebels in budica and launched two other attacks on major cities, one of which was londinyam, which is now London. At that time, most of the civilians of londinyam had been assimilated by the Romans, and more than half of them were Roman citizens. When the Roman Legion hurried back, it did not give the order to withdraw the whole city in time. In order to revenge the Romans, budica ordered the city to be slaughtered, and the male civilians were slaughtered at the first time, while the Roman women were raped and raped to death, just as the Roman soldiers raped budica and her daughter.

by this time, the rebels in budica had destroyed three important Roman cities on the British island, and more than 70000 Romans had been slaughtered and Britain had returned to Rome. But the Celtic rebels in budika seemed to be as mad as themselves, leaving behind the harvest of their farming. They once thought they could use the granary of the Romans for food supply, but Rome, a country that has been baptized by hundreds of years of war, knows that the first thing to do when retreating is to burn up the food. Soon, the Celtic rebels in budica began to suffer from famine. In addition, as a woman, budica was difficult to control such a mixed army, and the military discipline was extremely poor compared with the Roman army. Finally, due to tactical mistakes, he failed to attack the well defended military deployment base in Rome. This defeat became a sign of the end of the budika uprising, and the army was unable to recover. The location and time of the war has always been a mystery. There is no specific description in historical records, only that there is such a war.

after the rebels in budica completely collapsed, she hurried to Norfolk. Failure is inevitable. She expected to be brutally trampled to death by the Romans and took poison all over herself. Budika was king isini of ancient EnglandThe last ruler of the tribe, it is said that the wealth of the whole isini Kingdom at that time was buried with her, and the burial place of budica is still a tightly guarded secret.

in order to commemorate the legendary woman in British history, Britain erected a statue for her in London to commemorate her spirit of fighting for freedom with Celts. Under the brilliance of this spirit, she became the British “goddess of liberty”.