Before the outbreak of the Second World War,

was sought after by many people with its excellent speech. It reached the peak of life and became the head of state of Germany. So what reason did Hitler win the favor of the German people? Is it really just a few excellent speeches? Now let’s get to know each other.

after the end of World War II, the U.S. military stationed in Germany checked the finances of the Gestapo, which surprised them that there was no corruption in this secret police organization, which had been in power for a while during the Nazi period. Recalling the frequent corruption in many countries, one can’t help sighing: the quality and upbringing of the Germanic nation can be seen from this. However, such a nation with a high degree of civilization, self-discipline and integrity supports Hitler, a murderer who made genocide, and even follows him regardless of the consequences, dragging the whole Europe, including themselves, into an unforgettable catastrophe and becoming the culprit for the destruction of human civilization.

Monday, August 1, 1933, is a very ordinary day.

on the desk of the office of the chancellor of the Third Reich, there is a letter sent to Chancellor Hitler from rural Germany. The writer was an ordinary fruit farmer named Bruno Koch. “I finally got what I wanted and successfully developed a new precious strawberry variety. In order to show my respect and love for the imperial prime minister, I begged to name this new variety ‘Hitler Strawberry’.” The letter is very sincere and emotional. It can be seen that the farmer is very real and sincerely hopes that the head of the empire can accept the request to name strawberries after him.

the office of the imperial Prime Minister receives thousands of ordinary letters written by ordinary people like this every day. The letters and parcels came from all over Germany, some from other countries in Europe. There are men, women and children who write letters. There are all kinds of occupations, including workers, farmers, soldiers of the national defense force, intellectuals, government civil servants, and primary and secondary school students. The content of the letter is also varied and intricate. Most of the letters expressed admiration and gratitude to the head of the Empire: “Adolf Hitler, we believe in you. Without you, we are a mess; with you, we are a nation.” “You handed us your hand and your eyes, which still ripple the young heart; beautiful happiness will always accompany us, and such a powerful force will be generated at this moment.” Many more are love letters to Hitler himself. From “resolutely ensuring true love” to being willing to marry the head of state to vowing to devote himself to the leader and devote his virginity. Some young girls wrote in the letter: “Dear Fuhrer, it’s difficult for me to calm down to hear that you have no children”, “Dear Fuhrer, I want to have a child with you, which is the wish of a Saxony woman.”

Hitler’s office was full of carefully woven colorful sweaters and beautiful socks sent by these suitors. Of course, these letters were disposed of by Hitler’s men before he could open them. If an admirer is particularly persistent and writes again and again to “disturb the Fuhrer”, I’m sorry. Naturally, someone will inform the Gestapo to clean up him (or her). In Germany at that time, many writers were declared “mentally handicapped” and sent to the so-called “sanatorium”. Even so, many people who do not know the truth continue to express their feelings and feelings to the leaders.

in the documentary “ordinary fascism”, which won the award at the Leipzig International Film Festival, has truly recorded how the German people enthusiastically pursued Hitler.

at the Nazi party conference held in Nuremberg, the flag of the German National Socialist Workers’ Party (NSDAP Nazi), designed by Hitler himself, was hung above the solemn rostrum. The flag had a red background and a white center, with a black “e” embedded in the middle, which was very eye-catching. Hitler was complacent about the design of the party flag. In his book “my struggle”, he said: “any party should have a party flag to symbolize solemnity and greatness… Red symbolizes the social significance of our movement, white symbolizes nationalist thought, and the word” e “symbolizes the mission of fighting for the victory of Aryans.” A huge sculpture, the Prussian eagle, hung high above the Nazi flag, defiant and arrogant. The strong searchlight columns around the square illuminate the whole night sky like day. Hundreds of thousands of people and troops gathered in the square, paraded and demonstrated with flags and torches. The deafening slogans, drums and Wagner’s vigorous music were intertwined with Hitler’s hysterical speech, forming a shocking symphony of the Third Reich. Thousands of people shouted and sang heartlessly, cheering and saluting the dictator on the podium.

Hitler’s speech was full of passion, which made the people under the stage more excited and excited, “The German nation is the best nation in the world. The future of Germany depends on our people! Only on our people! The German people, the sacred German people, must overcome all difficulties with their diligence, wisdom, calmness and courage! Only in this way can our country move forward and our nation revitalize!” I think any German in such an environment will tremble with excitement, will be very proud of being a member of the best nation, will be very happy to have the “greatest” leader like Hitler, and will be very excited about Germany becoming the most powerful empire. Once any German is intoxicated with such strong racist feelings, such blind personal worship and extreme patriotism, he will naturally move from reason to madness, from good to evil, and from civilization to barbarism.

sadly, at this moment, they are unaware of it and have been immersed in a noble spiritMake “. To this end, the US military has set up a special search, arrest and screening organization, called the “wisdom group”, with a total of 22000 members. They designed a detailed questionnaire, which stipulates that all Germans who have reached the age of 18 must fill in. Although the questionnaire has only two pages, 132 questions are designed. Americans hope to screen out Germans with dangerous tendencies and eliminate the influence of Nazi forces in public life, especially in politics, ideas and judicial system.

from the spring of 1946 to the summer of 1949, the “de Nazi” cleaning activities have been busy for three years. Of the 13.41 million Germans surveyed, 6.5 million were former Nazi Party members, including nearly 500000 teachers. The survey also showed that more than 65 percent of civil servants and more than 80 percent of judges and lawyers had been Nazi.

disclosed an information in the book why they were loyal to Hitler written by inger brodsen and Carola stern. During Hitler’s rule, there were more than 13 million Nazi followers, accounting for almost one sixth of the entire population of Germany at that time. If you add the number of youth teams and Hitler Youth League, Germany at that time, It can be said to be a “national Nazi country”.




a nation has a high “cultural education”, and the noble qualities of “rigorous behavior”, “self-discipline in behavior” and “honest quality” are really good, and they can indeed keep individuals clean. But this can never guarantee that this nation will not go astray, nor that this country will not commit crimes against other nations and countries under the totalitarian and autocratic system. Perhaps, whether we can correctly grasp the direction of the country’s own development, whether we can truly use democratic means to grasp the people’s own destiny and make it a right to defend life, which can better reflect the quality of a nation.

Rousseau once denounced those “noble barbarians” in history. Although they were “noble”, they held high the slogan of justice and shouted noble slogans, but they did despicable and shameless acts. Therefore, “man is neither an angel nor a devil; but man wants to be an angel, but he acts like a devil”. Therefore, what is more worthy of our further reflection is: the formation of Nazi Evil and the root of public participation; What is more worthy of our further review is whether it is rational to divide mankind into enemies and friends forever; More worthy of our further questioning is: “why does the ugliness and evil in human nature get such full performance and incisive play under the totalitarian system”?

there is no doubt that when living under the autocratic system, everyone is indoctrinated with “national interests first”; When every member of society is so small that he has no personal will and rights and can only rely on the state machine, every gear and screw on the machine can only run with the rotation of the whole machine, and he can’t get rid of the control of the machine at all.

American scholar Atlantis believes that totalitarian rulers believe that the most ideal people are not people who sincerely believe in their ideas, but people who lose their resolution and crawl at the foot of their ideas. The tragedy of the German people tells us that living in a totalitarian system full of lies, violence and fear, all sources of information are blocked or can only be obtained through screening; All education is distorted and controlled; All literature and art are regarded as brainwashing tools. At this time, even a nation with high civilization and self-cultivation cannot have the standard to measure good and evil, nor the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood and judge right and wrong. At this time, man no longer exists as an individual person, but as a material person. The whole meaning of his existence is as a tool of a political party, a tool of a country and a tool of a ruler.

Hitler intended to promote fascism by publicizing his theory and using it as a tool to guide and unite the people. In my struggle, Hitler designed an “ideal country”. In Germany, children cannot become citizens immediately after birth, but just “subjects of the country”. Only after receiving the school education and physical training designed for him and participating in military training in the unified military system, “this young man will be granted citizenship if he is healthy and there is no stain in his file”. How arrogant and overbearing! As long as any German does not accept Hitler’s brainwashing and Nazi party culture and education, even normal people can not be regarded as citizens, but just “subjects” and slaves.

to put it bluntly, Hitler did. As he put it, “people are often unaware that what they firmly support is a world outlook that betrays the values of human society. The values of human nature and humanitarianism are completely excluded from our minds”. Through the incessant indoctrination of the Nazi propaganda machine under Goebbels’ command, the German people fully accepted that the Nazi dictatorship had the rationality of history and existence and the values in line with the law of social development; Fully accepted that in order to “revitalize the German nation” and “obtain greater living space for the Germanic nation”, it is reasonable to expel and eliminate “unsuitable individuals, inferior nations and degenerate classes”; Completely accepted the new annotations given by Nazi culture to various words, such as “people”, “democracy”, “morality”, “justice”, “law”, “goodness” and so on, which subverted the original meaning of universal principles.

in this case, can we expect the German nation to be rational and speculative? At this time, for them, such terms as kindness and cruelty, guilt and innocence, justice and evil have become meaningless. The so-called “guilt” and “evil” are any behavior that hinders them from realizing the historical process of “Germanic rule of the world”.

in 1938, Hitler almost announced in an arrogant tone: “in addition to thinking in a German way, toThe way Germans act, they don’t have to learn anything. ” As the dictator said, the Germans began to join the youth team at the age of 10, joined the Hitler Youth League at the age of 14, then joined the Nazi Party and the youth volunteer labor force. After joining the German national defense force, they were immediately absorbed into the Stormtrooper and SS. They can no longer be free people, and they will no longer be free for their whole life.

in the book “children in the Hitler era”, it truly records how the Nazis instilled the “fascist spirit” into every German child from an early age through education.




advocated “good Aryan blood” and “poor Jewish blood”, which was the core of Hitler’s racism. In order to achieve the propaganda effect of “natural, lasting and not artificial”, the Nazis told the children in the textbook: in nature, similar species and similar species are together, a group of rock antelope will never let a deer lead the team, and a male starling will only mate with a female starling. Like species attract each other and breed the same species. Only human beings violate the laws of nature, intervene and carry out “artificial hybridization”. As a result, the worst features will be integrated into one, forming evil hybrids. Then they quoted this fallacy to the “race and Jewish problem”. In schools at that time, teachers often took advantage of the topic and insulted Jewish children. Rudolph barnusher recalled that the teacher called him to the class and asked, “do you know what a bastard is?” No one spoke in the class. The children only heard the word in biology class. After a moment of silence, the teacher pointed to Rudolph barnusher and said, “he’s a bastard. His mother is Jewish, which means everything.”

in order to incite children to hate Jews, the Nazis also fabricated many children’s books, such as poisonous mushrooms and don’t believe the fox on the green wasteland, to poison and pollute the young minds of children. Goodren bozewang said she still can’t forget these despicable articles.

poisonous mushroom tells of a girl whose mother asked her to see a doctor in a dental hospital. She went to the consulting room with another female classmate. The doctor first asked the female classmate to go in to see a doctor. Of course, the doctor had a Jewish face, a hooked nose, dangling lips and big bags under his eyes. At this time, the girl sitting outside suddenly heard the companion who had just entered the consulting room Scream: “no, doctor, please don’t do this!” Then there was no sound. Then the doctor came out to signal her to go in, and she ran away in fear. Goodren bozewang recalled that at that time, as a child, he had been thinking about this question. What did the Jews do to the girl? This story made me unable to get rid of nightmares throughout my youth.

under such education and edification, the seeds of hatred are planted imperceptibly, and slowly begin to germinate, blossom and bear fruit. When they grow up and join the stormtroopers or the Ss to massacre Jews, they don’t feel any guilt. All they have is the vent of hatred and a lofty sense of historical responsibility. A child who grows up eating “wolf milk” cannot expect him to have a kind character.

in history, no evil forces will tell the world that their actions are evil and shady when they are doing evil activities. If evil forces openly take evil as a sign, I’m afraid it will be difficult for evil forces to exist in the world. Any evil must be accompanied by lies. Only the evil mixed with lies will appear noble; Only evil in the cloak of justice can bewitch people. But the evil forces themselves are well aware of their sins. They know how to make good people willingly accept their sins. Because of this, there will be tragedies in the world, and the greatest tragedy is being deceived by evil forces and helping tyrants, but always thinking that they are safeguarding justice and justice.

famous thinkers The philosopher Michel Foucault once pointed out sharply: “fascism, which Hitler and Mussolini had effectively mobilized and utilized the desires of the masses, exists among all of us. Fascism, which exists in our minds and daily actions, is fascism that makes us love power and desire to be dominated and oppressed.”