when it comes to physicists, you must think of the famous British physicist “” a genius who was smashed by apple. He devoted all his life to physics and made great achievements in modern physics. He is known as the father of modern physics. What achievements has he made? Why do you judge Newton so highly? Now let’s get to know each other.

when talking about Newton, the first thing that came to mind was probably the story of Newton and apple. Newton is a student of Cambridge University. It is said that between 1665 and 1666, Cambridge University was forced to suspend classes due to the prevalence of black fever. All students can only leave school and return home. Of course, Newton is no exception.

the story of Newton and apple happened during his study at home. One day Newton leaned under an apple tree to study as usual, and Newton was very happy wandering in the ocean of knowledge. Suddenly an apple fell from the tree and happened to hit Newton’s head, which really startled Newton. As we all know, Newton is a child who loves learning and thinking, so the landing of Apple inspired the “problem boy” at once.

why did the apple fall to the ground? What brought it down? yes! The apple must have been pulled down by the gravity of the earth… All kinds of questions and ideas poured out of his mind. It was this opportunity that Newton launched the research on mechanics, and finally lived up to expectations, and finally completed the derivation and elaboration of universal gravitation, which gave people a new understanding of the field of mechanics.

in fact, the story of Newton and apple has been disputed by many “inverted Newton” historians recently. They believe that this story is not true. They believe that the great mechanical theory of “universal gravitation” was gradually explored by many people in history, and this research achievement should not be monopolized by Newton alone. But throughout history, it was the landing of an apple that triggered the thinking of a teenager sitting under a tree, which is a great turning point in the history of human thought.

I remember in junior high school class, the teacher of Xiaobian asked a funny question, “whose father is Newton?” we were stunned. Isn’t it physics class? How can we still study history. Later, we learned that the teacher asked “what is the father of Newton”, which is really a clever and thorny question. Let’s take you to explore this problem.

Newton had a brilliant life and was involved in physics, astronomy, mechanics, theology and other aspects, so he won many honors and titles. For example, Newton was “the father of mechanics”, “the father of modern science” and “the father of modern physics”.

about the first statement is because he has reached a fairly high level in mechanics alone. Newton did not work and stay in school after graduation. At this time, he studied many books and used his knowledge to find many mechanical theories, which were recognized as laws by people. The second statement about Newton is inextricably linked with science. The reason is that Newton carried out scientific experiments based on the operation and methods with theoretical basis, which promoted the development of science to a certain extent and had an impact in the next few centuries. The third way of saying what Newton was the father of is highly praised by Newton. It’s better to say this kind of address than praise. Because of his achievements in mechanics, he led the research process of physics.




summarize the three statements of what Newton was the father, each with its own reason. But the three statements are different literally, but they are the same in essence. Both physics and science are praising Newton’s achievements in life. When we see these achievements, we are also deeply influenced by them.

Newton was born in 1642 and died in 1727, which means Newton was 85 years old. His brilliant life, how can only have achievements in his early years? The reason is that in his later years, he studied theology and believed in God rather than science, so that he disappeared in his later years and even made big mistakes in the field of science. So why did Newton study theology? Listen to me carefully.

Isaac Newton was a famous physicist and mathematician. At that time, he studied subjects such as physical astronomy, but his research reached the deepest point at that time, so he must give some faith to the research. Newton seized the shield of theology by chance and studied it wantonly. In the view of atheists, there must be a conflict between theology and science. But Newton, who was always in a rebellious period for a long time, wanted to study atheism as a learner and overthrow the fact that the Western church dominated the world. So he insisted on persuading others with his own research. As early as when he studied the apple falling to the ground, Newton studied gravity with his own ideas and stubborn actions. At this time, he studied theology with the same idea. In this way, Newton studied theology entirely by virtue of his warm blood, so the question of why Newton studied theology was not attacked.

here is a small series to say that cattle people are really talented and willful. They can study whatever they want. However, why Newton studied theology and the failure of theology really gave modern scientists an alarm. The research field is profound and unpredictable. Only by truly seizing the opportunity and using the correct research method can we succeed.

Newton’s achievements have almost changed human life and brought people into a new era in the field of physics, so Newton is known as the “father of modern physics”. Although his character was not pleasing, Newton’s achievements were undeniable. The queen of England has personally awarded him a title and acted as the dean of the Royal College for many years. So Newton had a good life as a scientist.

Newton’s achievements let’s put it in detail. In terms of mechanics, the mechanical laws discovered by Newton are fully applicable to all mechanical phenomena, cattleNewton mechanics was established on this basis; There is also the famous theory of universal gravitation, that is, the theory generated when the apple fell on his head, which explains almost the whole universe; In optics, Newton’s achievement in the simple and easy to operate prism experiment directly explained that white light is actually rainbow, while Newton saw the essence from the phenomenon and founded the particle theory; In mathematics, Newton established binomial theorem, which created the theory of calculus. Now calculus has become a course in universities; Finally, in astronomy, Newton invented the reflection telescope to explain tidal phenomena by using planetary laws. These contents were studied by Newton based on his predecessors, but we can’t deny Newton’s genius.

Newton encountered many unexplainable things in his later years because of the research bottleneck in physics, so he turned to theological research and even created the theory of “the first driving force of God”. Similarly, Newton also solved the Bible Code through calculus and predicted the end of the world. Although it seems nonsense now, it can only be regarded as Newton’s failure.