The World War of

was tragic and affected a wide range. However, as a film industry other than soldiers, what was he like? When the fascist Nazis first raised their heads, a film was released to tell this fact, but it was destroyed by the German Nazis at one stroke. At that time, no one of the major giants of the film industry said a hard word and almost all were silent. One: a humiliating scene in film history. On December 5, 1930, a farce broke out in the Berlin auditorium, which caused an uproar in the global film industry. On this day, the Mozart auditorium is holding the premiere ceremony of a Hollywood film. German cultural celebrities are present one after another. Then, after a series of elegant processes, the film that fans are looking forward to officially opens. Unexpectedly, just a few minutes after the opening of the film, the sour and smelly stink bomb rained on the screen, and then the mobs who had been preparing for a long time in the audience jumped out, released the mice in their pocket and smashed them madly at the audience nearby. In the smelly auditorium, the rats were everywhere, the auditorium screamed with fear, and people fled in panic, leaving only the ground in chaos… What was the response of the German government and the media to such a farce? First, the major German media followed suit and did not mention the ugly behavior of the mob. Instead, they scolded the film that was “smashed”. The German government also solemnly announced that it would cancel the release license of the film.

what about the injured party? Universal Studios take the name of God in vain. Hollywood studios, who only made a statement, did not dare to claim compensation. But they were humble and apologized. Mulele, the Universal Studios owner, made a vow: he would have to cut the film on a massive scale. Until the Germans are satisfied… This farce, which was later recognized as “a humiliating scene in film history”, was planned by Goebbels, the backbone of the Nazis at that time and the future Nazi German Chancellor. In the following years, the fascists often trumpeted this matter as a major “propaganda victory” of Nazi Germany. What kind of film is it that can make Hollywood keep a secret and draw hatred among fascists? This is the Hollywood blockbuster that won two Oscars the following year. It is also an immortal classic in film history: “no war on the Western Front”. Second: the masterpiece “no war on the Western Front”, which uncovers the painting of Nazi Germany, is adapted from the novel of the same name by German writer remaker and directed by famous American director millstone. As a war film with the history of World War I in Germany as the background, the production of the film was extremely elaborate, with a total cost of $1.25 million, which was a huge production at that time. In order to complete the real war scene, more than 2000 mass actors were used. Among them, most of the actors playing German soldiers were veterans who had participated in the tragic battle of World War I. The uniforms, guns and even tactical actions of each soldier were completely real. Because of this extreme reality, there is a common excuse when the Nazis attack the film: the film is too bloody. However, it is not wrong to evaluate the film with “blood”. This war film, which completely reproduces the battlefield of World War I, has almost real bloody scenes, such as repeated charging on the battlefield, the moment when the soldiers fell down by machine gun fire, the ferocious bayonet fight in the trench, the broken limbs and arms in the bombing, and the pain of the wounded soldiers… Every simple scene is extremely shocking. In Hollywood at that time, its scale was “the bloodiest film in the 1930s”. When it was released in New York, the audience was shocked on the spot. In the original words of the New York Times, “the audience held their breath because the scene was too realistic”. However, what really makes the Nazis angry is not the bloody scene, but its true to cruel plot. The protagonist of “no war on the Western Front” is a German youth named Paul. At the age of 19, naively inspired by his teacher’s militarism, he joined the German army with enthusiasm and devoted himself to the unjust war. Then I realized how this cruel war distorts human nature. He passed by death again and again in the war, and saw through the hypocrisy and shamelessness of the war initiator more and more. Once the ideal of making achievements is disillusioned day by day on the cruel battlefield. When he went home to visit his relatives, he exposed the hypocrisy and evil of the war to the villagers, but he was ridiculed by the fanatical people. The German army finally fell on the western front without suffering. A scene of ridicule, epitomizing the evil of war. When the film landed in Germany, it was Germany on the eve of World War II and the era of fascist thought becoming more and more fanatical. A “no war on the Western Front” is like a basin of cold water. With an extremely cruel plot, it tells the people the more cruel truth of the war. How can the fascist party members who are scared to death not become angry with shame, and then the rat stink bomb attacks wantonly. Of course, in Germany at that time, the smear and vilification of “no war on the Western Front” was only the beginning. III: predict the disaster in nine years. Under the crazy attack of Nazis, no war on the western front, which is popular in the American film market, disappeared in Germany. Then Italy and other countries followed suit and announced a ban on the film. Ray mark, the original author of the film’s novel, also had to leave his hometown and move to the United States. With the coming to power a few years later, the burning of all materials related to “no war on the Western Front” became a common sight on the streets of Germany at that time. Even in the United States, where the box office was a great success at that time, the main creative team of “no war on the Western Front” had a hard time. Although Hollywood often advertised their great contributions in World War II, the performance of Hollywood in 1930 was terrible. The Hollywood film giants at that time were afraid of losing the European market because they offended the Nazis, even Hitler